Beneath a Trojan Moon

Beneath a Trojan Moon by Anna Hackett

Book: Beneath a Trojan Moon by Anna Hackett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anna Hackett
    She stepped away and raised her hands in the air.
    The escape ship was rocketing straight upward, a vapor trail behind it.
    Relda’s hands began to glow. A bright, eye-searing gold.
    The escape ship faltered. It stopping rising and started to fall back toward the ground. It began a sickening spiral.
    The murmurs in the crowd were a mix of horror, shock and excitement.
    Hunt knew Relda heard them because he saw her shoulders hunch a little. But she kept her focus on the ship.
    Timothy Li’s ship hurtled back toward them. Hunt heard his deputies directing the crowd to move back. But Hunt just watched Relda.
    She was magnificent. Was there anything more attractive than a strong, powerful woman?
    Suddenly, the ship slowed. Relda moved her hands, like a beautiful dance, and the ship stopped. She moved her arms toward an open area free of ships not far away.
    And set the ship down.
    She was striding over to it and Hunt was one step behind her.
    The cockpit opened and a slender, black-haired man crawled out, collapsing on the ground. He was sobbing.
    Relda bent and snatched the Trojan Moon from around his neck. Then she leaned closer and whispered to Timothy Li. “Never mess with a Vega-Lyran. I could kill you in a blink.” She clenched her hand into a fist and Timothy Li flinched. “You mention me to anyone, come after me or mine again, I will snuff you out.”
    Li’s terrified eyes turned to Hunt, and seeing the uniform, he started blathering. “She tried to kill me! Arrest her!”
    Hunt’s jaw cracked under the tension tearing through him. He kept his voice low. “You almost killed my woman. You blew up my apartment. You carried out crimes in my city. You. Almost. Killed. My. Woman.” Even Hunt heard the towering rage in his voice. “You’re lucky I don’t just let her kill you now.”
    Behind him, Hunt heard his deputies running up. “Marshal!”
    “Deputy Hasan, arrest this man. I want him locked in a cell.” Then Hunt turned to Relda.
    She was watching the crowd. He moved closer. He knew what she saw. Confusion, awe and fear.
    “Relda, give them some time—”
    “I have to go.”
    His gut clenched. She wasn’t talking about going back to her house. She was talking about leaving. Souk. Him. “No.”
    “Not your decision, Calder.” She took one step and he saw her wobble.
    He’d been expecting it and when she collapsed, her scooped her into his arms.
    He didn’t spare the crowd another glance, just said to Hasan, “Contact me if you need me.”

Chapter Eight
    Relda woke to dappled sunlight on her face and the sweet scents of fresh water, green grass and jasmina blossoms. She opened her eyes, taking a second to orient herself.
    She was dressed in a simple, white linen shift that was soft against her skin. She lay nestled amongst a mound of pillows laid out on a blanket at the edge of Lake Gameelah. She saw her small, tidy lake house with its lovely cream walls, black iron accents and a green jasmina vine climbing up the side of the house. The large glass doors were thrown open and white, gauzy curtains fluttered in the light breeze.
    Energy was zinging through her. Physically, she felt great, but inside, her heart was broken.
    She had to leave all this behind.
    She turned her head and saw him.
    Hunt was reclined on the cushions beside her, reading one of his books. As always, he looked ridiculously masculine. He was everything she’d ever wanted in a man.
    But she had to leave him behind as well.
    It wasn’t just to save herself. It was because she put him, and all the other people she’d grown to care for here on Souk, at risk. She’d never regretted being Vega-Lyran. It was who she was. But this was the first time she wished she were just an ordinary human with no extraordinary abilities. Then she could be the lover of a marshal, welcome him home every evening, take him into her arms every night.
    She must have sighed, because Hunt turned to look at her.
    He smiled. “You’re

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