Changing Fates: A Sons of Satrina Novel (The Sons of Satrina Book 3)

Changing Fates: A Sons of Satrina Novel (The Sons of Satrina Book 3) by Kristan Belle

Book: Changing Fates: A Sons of Satrina Novel (The Sons of Satrina Book 3) by Kristan Belle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kristan Belle
blemish was going to have a major impact on her. Cala wasn’t as bothered. She thought it was interesting and had never been very hung up on her looks.
    “I know exactly what we’re going to do. This is better than I could have expected.” Cassandra was positively beaming now.
    “What do you mean?”
    “Don’t question your mother!” Cassandra stepped forward and Cala shrunk back.
    “What? How the hell am I supposed to cover this?” Rhian scrubbed at her face, as if trying to get it off.
    “We’re going to take you to your father.”
    “Our father?” Cala looked over, shocked. Cassandra had never even mentioned their father before. Growing up, it was almost as if they had been conceived in an immaculate conception.
    “Yes. This proves it.” She said triumphantly. “Girls, come and sit down. I need to speak with you.” Cassandra waved her hands to indicate the small seating area in the dressing room. Obviously, Rhian and Cassandra took the only two seats, leaving Cala standing awkwardly next to them.
    “Your father is a warrior with the Sons of Satrina. They are the protectors of the Lamia Matris.”
    Rhian barked out a laugh. “Are you kidding me? Our father’s a vampire? Seriously, mother. That’s terribly uncouth.” She chuckled like Cassandra had made the world’s best joke.
    “Rhian! Enough.” Cassandra said sternly, probably the first time she had ever snapped at Rhian.
    Cala was shocked into silence by the whole thing. Not only had her mother spoken harshly to Rhian, which was a first, but their father was part of the Lamia Matris? And a warrior, no less! This shopping trip was suddenly looking up.
    “I shall make the call now and will arrange for you to be taken to him. The mark that has appeared on the pair of you is the mark of the warrior.”
    “What the hell does that mean?” Rhian said testily, clearly not appreciating being on the hard end of her mother’s tongue.
    “It means that you will have to go and live with him.”
    Rhian looked panicked. “What? You’re sending us away? Why?”
    “Because you know I have been looking for your father for years. This is our way back in. Kelton is a wonderful man. One that I should never have let go.” Cassandra’s eyes darkened as she thought back to the man she had wanted, the one that got away. “This is our chance.”
    “Can’t you just send Cala?” Rhian whinged.
    “You will do as you’re told! Get your things together. We must leave now. There are many arrangements to be made.” And Cassandra swept back into the changing room.
    “What? What about the dresses?” Rhian shouted, stamping her foot like a toddler.
    “Leave them. This is much more important.”
    Rhian turned and stabbed a finger in Cala’s direction, “I don’t know how you did it, but this is all your fault.”
    Life had been the same since they were young children. If anything went wrong with their lives, it was always Cala’s fault. No matter what it was, or even if she wasn’t there, it was still her fault. Cala still held the hope that things would change for them. It was coming to the point in her life when she was going to have to accept that she was never going to be accepted by them and that they didn’t give a toss one way or another if she was part of their lives.
    It was crushing. She and Rhian were identical twins, but they couldn’t have been more different. Cala had to spend her life in her sisters shadow, keeping quiet and doing all she could not to rock the boat. That wasn’t going to change. She’d hoped that this change in their lives would be for the better, bringing them closer together so that they’d finally have the sibling bond that Cala had always craved, but if anything, it was pushing them further apart.
    Right now, Rhian was trying to get Cala in on a plan to make Aisline’s life a living hell. Cala didn’t want any part of it. She liked Aisline. She was one of the very few that actually noticed she was alive and tried to

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