Fall Into You
thought she heard the man say after the
    She moved forward, not sure what she was going to do, but unable to stand there and
     watch someone get hurt. But the man against the tree shook his head at her and winked,
     then apologized to the guy who’d just hit him and lowered his head.
    She halted her step. This was some kind of game.
    A game he didn’t want her interfering with.
    She backed away, moving onto the path again and trying to get her legs to work correctly
     beneath her. She had no idea what was going on. How had Grant passed right by this
     couple and not seen what was happening? What if someone on a family vacation passed
     by with their kids?
    She wrapped her arms around herself, somehow both hot and cold at the same time. Her
     body’s odd reaction to seeing the couple was something she’d rather not think too
     hard on. She started walking up the path at a much faster pace than before. Now she
     was going to have to admit to Grant that she’d snuck onto the property. She didn’t
     know what was allowed at his resort, but she couldn’t imagine public sex was okay.
     He had a right to know what was going on.
    She scanned the path in front of her and sighed. Of course, she’d lost sight of her
     cowboy during the diversion. Some stalker she was. Not sure what else to do, she made
     her way up to the main house and considered her options. The place had a number of
     doors and she had no idea which Grant had gone into or if they were lockedor alarmed. And really, she no longer remembered why it had sounded like such a good
     idea to follow him in the first place. Maybe it was time to tuck tail and run.
    “Do you need some help?”
    The soft female voice startled Charli. She spun around to find a stunning blonde smiling
     back at her—a stunning blonde wearing what looked to be a red latex catsuit. “Uh…”
    She tilted her head, assessing her. “You new here?”
    “Yes.” The word tumbled out automatically. “I’m a friend of Grant’s.”
    “Oh, wow, that’s great,” she said with genuine warmth. “Just a friend or a trainee?”
    She laughed. “Sorry. You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. We’re all
     just a little curious about our tight-lipped boss.” She stuck out her hand. “I’m Kelsey,
     by the way. Or Lady K as most everyone knows me around here these days.”
    Pieces started to slide into place in Charli’s brain. “Nice to meet you. I’m Charli.”
    “Are you only new here or are you new to this altogether?”
    Oh, shit. “Altogether.”
    “Well, come on in, Charli. Boss man shouldn’t have left you alone if you’re brand-new.
     It’s easy to get overwhelmed around here.” She pulled open the nearest door. “I’m
     supposed to be assisting Colby with one of his training sessions. Feel free to come
     and watch. Or participate if the spirit moves you.”
    She walked through the door, her hips swaying on top of crazy-high-heeled boots with
     the ease of a pendulum. Charli followed her in, feeling like a schlub in comparison.
     How were some girls born with that vixen gene? Charli had no interest in other women,
     but even she couldn’t help but be drawn in by Kelsey’s magnetic sexuality.
    Kelsey walked forward with long strides that belied her petite size. “So what side
     of the sandbox do you play in?”
    Charli frowned. “I’m, um, not sure yet.”
    Kelsey gave her a quick grin over her shoulder. “Oh, I know how that is. Sometimes
     you just have to give each role a shot and see what lights you up.”
    The halls were quiet and decorated with deep maroons and dark wood. There were no
     windows but soft glowing sconces lit their way, giving the whole place a somehow comforting
     womblike vibe. Kelsey turned a corner and crooked a thumb toward the door on the left.
     “Here we are. Keep quiet when we go in. I’m a little late, so things have probably
     already gotten started. This is an open session, so if you

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