Hide to Stay Alive (Club Release 1)
under the kitchen bar and orders, “Sit, seema.”
    At his commanding tone, I
immediately do as he tells me. For a second I’m not happy with
myself for jumping to do as he orders. Then I look up into his eyes
and see approval. The frustration in me immediately melts away.
Deep down I think that’s a strange thing. How can his approval make
me happy?
    Before I can figure it out
he’s placing a square plate in front of me. “Eat. I’ll get you
something else in just a bit, seema.”
    I look at the sliced red
food in front of me and then sniff it. It doesn’t smell bad. As I’m
taking my first bite he places something that looks like a muffin
on my plate. I don’t have time to wonder about it because an
explosion of flavor bursts across my tongue.
    Sweet and spicy. That’s
what the combination is. I chew it and grab another slice. This one
I shove into my mouth and devour it. I’m on my fourth slice when I
look up and see him watching me intently.
    Heat fires across my
cheeks. I must look like a starving animal. Girl, you are a starving animal , my
logical side ruthlessly points out. Since the bitch is right, my
proud side doesn’t say anything.
    I swallow the food and
give him a small smile. “Sorry about that.” I look down at the
counter in front of him and frown when I don’t see a plate. “Aren’t
you going to eat?”
    “ I ate earlier. Zaphinians
only eat one meal a day.” He motions toward my plate. “Go on, keep
eating. I know humans need to eat four to five times a day to be
    That’s right, he’s bought
humans before. I look around the room half expecting five human
females to appear. My gaze swings back to his. It’s harder this
time. That’s not good.
    He points a finger at my
plate. “Eat.”
    I frown at him and he
growls at me. “Okay.” I pick up another slice of food and slowly
put it into my mouth. Just because I’m hungry doesn’t mean I have
to eat like a wild animal. After I finish the red food, he points
at the muffin.
    I break it in half and
then sniff it. The muffin smells good, so I take a bite. A fruity
taste floods my mouth. I chew it quickly and take another bite.
Shit! I’m acting like a starving animal again. With more care, I
take my next bite. This time I act as normal as I can. My stomach
is starting to become happy. I eat the last bite and look
    His teal and silver eyes
shine with approval which makes my heart beat faster. The way I
react to Din Zar is a little overwhelming .
Maybe it’s because he’s an alien , my
logical side says. I agree with her for a moment, then I remember
not caring what the other aliens thought of me. Maybe it’s because he’s hot , my
logical side adds. I have to admit that could be part of it. Him
being nice to me doesn’t hurt either, it actually makes me respect
him a little.
    He puts another muffin on
my plate and then gets two glasses and fills them with some kind of
purple liquid he got from the cabinet. He sets a glass down near my
plate and then drinks from his own glass.
    A shrill sound comes from
a band around his wrist. He pushes a button and starts talking to
someone. As he steps away, I take a peek at his ass. Yep, it’s just
as taut and powerful as I thought it would be. These beings are
tall but well proportioned. I appreciate that as I stare at his
    He speaks so low that a
can only make out a word or two. I don’t mind. For the first time
in my life, I’m enjoying the view of a male’s firm body.
    He suddenly turns around.
Shit! My gaze darts to his. A knowing look gleams in his pretty
eyes. Relief floods through me when he doesn’t say anything about
catching me staring at him like he’s a birthday cake.
    “ I need to go to the club
for just a few minutes. I’ll show you to your room and then you can
come back in here and finish your snack.” He takes hold of my hand,
watches me slide off the stool, and then leads me down

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