Ride Hard and Free (Biker Erotic Romance)

Ride Hard and Free (Biker Erotic Romance) by Emily Stone

Book: Ride Hard and Free (Biker Erotic Romance) by Emily Stone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emily Stone
    Friday  nights were always an awful time to study. The distant thumping of party music reverberated through the halls of the dorm, too faint to be a problem for most people, but it was enough to drive Karen to distraction without earplugs. Partying was simply not her thing. She had straight As across the board, and she wanted to keep it that way.
    Karen lived in a two-person suite with separate bedrooms, a small common room, and a shared bathroom. Even as she worked on her project, she was continually nagged by the knowledge that her suite-mate would soon be back, probably with a guy in tow.
    Sure enough, the door opened and Maddy came in, giggling like a teenager on her first date and leading a guy—heavily gelled hair, leather jacket—to her bedroom.
    “Hey, Karen!” Maddy waved in passing. Her date smiled at Karen, who smiled back politely as the couple disappeared into Maddy’s room. Karen checked her watch. It was nearly one in the morning. Hopefully Maddy’s date would cum quickly and be on his way. In the meantime, Karen returned to her corporate finance homework.
    A familiar moan of pleasure emanated from Maddy’s room. Even with the door to Maddy’s room shut, the sex noises were still clearly audible. Karen tried not to be distracted as she typed out the conclusion to her homework. Another moan from Maddy—more like a squeal, actually—scrambled Karen’s thoughts again. The only reason she worked in their tiny common room was because her own bedroom didn’t have a desk, just a bedside table with a lamp. Otherwise, the extra layer of sound insulation would have been very welcome.
    Maddy’s breathless moans of ecstasy returned, this time in a regular rhythm. The sound of her bed creaking as her date thrust his hips into her was also faintly audible. On second thought, the extra sound insulation of Karen’s bedroom walls probably wouldn’t help.
    The moans became ecstatic squeals of delight and accelerated to a rapid, machine-gun rhythm followed by a loud grunt of masculine release. Finally, it was finished. Karen returned to her homework, finished the conclusion, and proofread it before emailing it to her professor. Now she could start the readings for next week’s class.
    The door to Maddy’s bedroom opened and Maddy walked out wearing a towel.
    “How was this week’s catch?” asked Karen, a familiar question by this point.
    “He came faster than I would’ve liked, but damn, that boy knows how to use his tongue,” was Maddy’s drunken evaluation. “How’s the work going, professor?”
    “Just finished my assignments for the week. Now I can start on the readings.”
    “You work way too hard, girl,” Maddy admonished, “we need to find you a boyfriend.”
    “Why don’t you lend me one of yours?” Karen suggested. “Since you have so many.”
    “I would if only they’d call me back,” Maddy replied with a sigh, brushing off the sarcastic suggestion, “but they never do, so I have to content myself with one-night screw-and-snuggle sessions.”
    “You are such a whore, Maddy,” said Karen, shaking her head wearily.
    “I know!” Maddy replied with a shameless giggle as she  sat  down on Karen’s lap and straddled her thigh. “You should try it sometime. Find a hot guy to keep you warm for a night, have some actual fun for once. I don’t think I remember the last time I saw you have fun.”
    “I have plenty of fun,” Karen objected defensively.
    “Like what?” Maddy challenged her. “What exactly do you do for fun?”
    “I like to curl up with a good book in the evenings.”
    “That’s not fun,” Maddy said, laughing, “that’s quiet time. ‘Fun’ is loud and exciting.”
    “Like sex, I suppose,” said Karen, rolling her eyes.
    “Exactly like sex,” answered Maddy. “You don’t have to have sex to have fun, but actual fun does require you to do

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