Riptide (Limitless Book 1)

Riptide (Limitless Book 1) by Kinsey Corwin

Book: Riptide (Limitless Book 1) by Kinsey Corwin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kinsey Corwin
out, but she is unconscious. The ambulance is here. See you at the hospital.”
    Hunter hung up without waiting for a response. The emergency personnel began their onslaught of questions as they secured Phoenix into the ambulance.
    The gash on her forehead wouldn’t stop bleeding and one of the EMTs put pressure on it while he tried to stabilize her in the back of the vehicle. “Let’s get her out of here.”
    The vehicle started moving and Phoenix’s eyes fluttered open for a moment. “Don’t let me go, Hunter.”
    “Never.” He held her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.
    “Okay.” Her eyes shut again.
    The ride seemed to take too long as they raced around the corners. This was just a bump on the head. She would be fine. Then he would give his life to her.
    He watched as they wheeled her back, then sank down into the seat in the emergency room waiting area. This was hell, but she was still with him. That was all that mattered. An hour passed and each tick off the clock agonizing. He paced back and forth, then sat, then went back to the nurses’ station to ask for an update. Rinse and repeat.
    “Are you Mr. Sullivan? The gentleman that brought in Miss Nash?”
    Hunter turned to face a man wearing scrubs. “I am.”
    “And I’m her father.”
    Hunter practically gave himself whiplash at the sound of the hostile voice behind him.
    “Oh good. Mr. Sullivan said you were on your way. She’s stable but not awake yet. We’ve cleaned up the wound on her head, stitched it closed. Just need to keep her here for observation. She’s a little groggy, but she’s asked to see the both of you. Follow me.”
    Colton, obviously hating the fact that his daughter wasn’t asking to see him alone, stepped in front of him and Hunter bit his tongue on the many things that popped into his head. This was not the time or place to have it out with her father.
    They entered the room and Hunter waited as Colton moved toward the hospital bed and kissed Phoenix on the cheek. “Hey, there. It’s not supposed to go down like this, remember? Surfing alone is stupid. I’ve taught you that since you were a baby.”
    “I remember, Dad. But if you don’t listen, why should I? Where’s Hunter?”
    “I’m here, angel.” He stepped over and gave her hand a squeeze. “Have to agree with your dad. That whole surfing alone business—I’d highly advise against it in the future.”
    “Yeah. Not the smartest thing I’ve done. But I will have this wicked scar on my head and an amazing story to tell our baby.”
    “Our what?” Hunter wasn’t sure he heard her right.
    “Yeah, would you mind repeating that?” Her father’s face flushed with anger.
    “You both heard me. I’m pregnant.” Phoenix smiled, then winced slightly. “It’s still early. The doctor says everything looks good. They are guessing I’m about four weeks along. They have an obstetrician coming by shortly. Numbers will be a little firmer after that. But the heartbeat is strong.” She looked at him with fear in her eyes.
    Phoenix was carrying his baby.
    “A little baby surfer in the making.” He bent down and kissed her gently. “I couldn’t be more excited.”
    The doctor smiled. “Well, I hate to break up the party, but my patient needs some rest.”
    “Call me when you wake up.” He gave her another kiss. “I’ll be by tomorrow.”
    “Definitely.” No sooner had Hunter stepped out of the room, Colton Nash sent his fist right into Hunter’s jaw. Hunter hit the ground, hard. People gathered and held Colton.
    “Dad, stop!” Phoenix yelled from her hospital bed.
    The doctor bent down to Hunter’s side.  “You all right, son?”
    “I’m fine.” Hunter stood and faced off against the man who’d thrown the punch. “Feel better?”
    “No. I want you gone!” Colton thrashed back and forth, trying to free himself from the people keeping him from unleashing his wrath.
    “Not your call.” He shoved his hands in his pockets. “The

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