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Authors: K.N. Lee
won’t be the case,” Zoe said. She fixed her long curly hair and straightened her dress and apron.
    All eyes followed the stylish woman as she took off her hat to reveal long red waves.
    Zoe let go of Willa’s hand and put on her usual bright smile as she approached Lady Cavill.
    “What would you like to drink, Miss?”
    Willa settled back into her seat and tried not to stare.
    “Just a cappuccino, please,” Lady Cavill replied as she took off her leather gloves and put them into her Chanel purse.
    “I’ll bring it right to you,” Zoe said.
    Lady Cavill nodded and turned to find a seat amongst the contemporary design Zoe had spent almost two years developing.
    Willa lowered her eyes. Please don’t sit next to me.
    Lady Cavill’s unearthly green eyes rested on Willa. She gave a little smile and chose the black table beside her.
    The screeching of the chair’s feet on the slick floor made Willa shudder.
    “I didn’t expect to see another celebrity when I left home this morning,” Lady Cavill said in a thick Welsh accent.
    Her tight smile and the coldness in her eyes made Willa uncomfortable. She should have been used to such creatures, considering her former occupation. A Grand Elite Caster was sought for many different services. All forms of supernatural beings and humans turned to Willa and her sisters, desperate for one of her spells. But that life was over. She’d been in hiding since she escaped Lukas’ clutches.
    “I don’t know what you mean,” Willa said, turning away. Her eyes darted around the crowded coffee shop to make sure no one listened to their exchange.
    Of course, everyone in the shop listened, even if they tried to keep their eyes on their cell phones, tablets, and newspapers.
    “Come now. No need to hide who you are,” Lady Cavill said. “Soon all creatures of the night will be free. I’d think you of all people would understand that. What you did for vampires all over the world is revolutionary. Don’t let me start on what you did for witches.”
    Willa’s face paled. “Please,” she whispered when she turned back to Lady Cavill. Her blue eyes looked at the older woman. One mention of Willa’s presence in England would have Lukas racing to her.
    Not yet. She wasn’t ready.
    “Please, just respect my privacy.”
    The lady’s smile faded as she nodded.
    “Of course,” she said. “My apologies. I just commend you...for creating the serum. That’s all.” She put a thin, manicured hand on Willa’s shoulder. “Thank you.”
    Willa winced but nodded. Painful memories resurfaced, making her feel ill. She turned away.
    “You’re welcome,” Willa whispered. She clenched her jaw and glared at her journal.
    You won’t be thanking me when I kill your precious king.

Chapter 2
    “A RE YOU SURE you want to do this? There are other ways. You don’t have to expose yourself,” Zoe whispered, taking Willa’s hand within hers. “We can find another way to make him pay for what he did to you.”
    The warmth of Zoe’s hand was soothing, but memories of the pain and suffering Lukas had put Willa through sickened her. Her stomach churned at the flashbacks of blood, broken bones, and being locked away without any fresh air or sunlight.
    The torture. The humiliation. The way he used to feed on her to make himself stronger before battle.
    Willa came to the front door of her family’s estate. Night fell and the house was still empty for once as the staff and her family were devoted to setting up the back gardens for her engagement party.
    Her smile faded when she opened it to see a stranger standing there. With long blond hair pulled into a ponytail at his nape, piercing green eyes, and a strong chin, he was one of the most attractive men she’d ever encountered.
    "Hello, Willa," he said, his charming smile instantly disarming her. "Mind if I come in?"
    Willa swallowed. At least, he was polite and asked to enter her home. She almost considered denying his request. What was the harm in

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