The Debra Dilemma (The Lone Stars Book 4)

The Debra Dilemma (The Lone Stars Book 4) by Katie Graykowski

Book: The Debra Dilemma (The Lone Stars Book 4) by Katie Graykowski Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katie Graykowski
Tags: General Fiction
head with the flowers, she took them to the kitchen, pulled out a cut glass vase, and filled it with water. After pulling off the plastic cone surrounding the flowers, she stuffed them into the vase. Julia would get a kick out of having the flowers on her tea table.
    She could do this. She could spend the next thirty or so minutes with him and fight the urge to stab him in the chest with a wooden stake. First of all, she didn’t have a wooden stake and second, she was pretty sure that conventional weapons wouldn’t harm him because he was pure evil.
    Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent free in her head. She repeated it over and over.
    She picked up the vase and carried it to the French doors that opened onto her little terrace. When she and Julia had first gotten home and decided that a tea party was in order, they’d hauled her grandmother’s tea set out and had managed to scrounge up a table cloth, a couple bags of cookies, and real cloth napkins. Since neither one of them had really liked tea, they made hot chocolate, which was probably cold chocolate by now as it waited patiently in the teapot.
    Debra stepped out onto her terrace and her breath caught. Warren was sitting across from Julia drinking cold hot chocolate from a dainty teacup with his pinky sticking out. His tie was wrapped around his forehead like a headband, his suit jacket was thrown over the back of his chair, his vest hung open over his untucked white shirt, and his pant legs were rolled up. He was being playful. Her mind leapt back to their first days together, when he’d just been a pool boy, and this was the kind of playful, joyful person he’d been. She hadn’t known any of that man still remained.
    He turned around to find Debra staring at him. “I’m Prince Aladdin. Her Majesty insisted that I needed a costume.”
    Debra shrugged. “Whatever.”
    She placed the flowers in the center of the table and sat down. Because Warren was sitting across from Julia, there was no way for Debra not to sit by him at her four seat square table.
    “Your Majesty, shall I pour?” Warren picked up the teapot and waited for Julia to give him the go ahead.
    “Yes.” Julia laughed and bounced up and down in her chair. “More, please.”
    She held up her cup.
    He filled her cup and filled Debra’s. “It certainly looks like you two have had more fun today than I have.”
    Julia nodded her whole body and then pulled out her left hand. On her fingers, she counted off the things they did today. Since she had diamond rings on every finger, the glare was enough to burn retinas. “Lunch then the train then the park and now a tea party.”
    “That sounds way better than all of the business meetings I had today.” He relaxed back in his chair and watched Debra. “Next time you ladies have an outing, you should invite me.”
    “Yes.” Julia held up her teacup. “Clink glasses.”
    They all clinked their teacups and Julia giggled so they did it again and again.
    Warren pulled out his smart phone. “Why don’t you two ladies squeeze together so I can get a picture?”
    Debra scooted her chair over and leaned into Julia.
    The little girl yelled out, “cheese” and flashed the camera a huge smile. He was definitely her father’s daughter. She kept yelling, “cheese” so Warren kept snapping pictures.
    “Okay, now,” he got up and stood behind them. “One of all of us.”
    They all leaned in as he held his arm out to get the picture.
    Unfortunately, Debra was so close that she got a whiff of his no doubt expensive cologne. It was strong and fake, and she much preferred his natural scent. She bit her top lip. No, she didn’t. She didn’t like anything about Warren. He was evil and the enemy and wore too much cologne.
    “Selfie.” Julia grabbed the phone, held it out in front of her, and snapped away.
    Warren shook his head. “They start so young.”
    “Watch this.” He touched Debra on the shoulder. “What do I do when I want to pay for

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