The Siren's Call (Last Chance Motel Book 3)

The Siren's Call (Last Chance Motel Book 3) by Abigail Keam

Book: The Siren's Call (Last Chance Motel Book 3) by Abigail Keam Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abigail Keam
Tags: Fiction, Mystery, Kentucky
or swimming in the lagoon for now. I’ll keep you posted as the storm develops. And if you want to go out to dinner, all the restaurants are open, as well as all the stores.”
    “The sky is so dark over there,” complained one guest.
    “But it’s still miles away from us. These kinds of storms are quite common in the summer,” advised Eva.
    “Shoot, this is nothing compared to the tornados we get in Kentucky. I’m going back to the pool,” quipped one guest after listening to Eva. “When I see lightning, I’ll get out. Just common sense.”
    “That’s the spirit,” said Eva, nodding. “I’ll be in the office if anyone should want an update on the weather.”
    As she headed back, Jenny grabbed her hand. Eva assured her, “There’s nothing to worry about, Jenny.”
    “What about Daddy and Grandma?”
    “I talked to your father moments ago. He’s going to keep working at the apartment, but his cell is on. Your daddy is fine and your grandmother is not at home.”
    Seeing Jenny’s crestfallen face, Eva tried to comfort her. “Your grandmother has been living through these storms since before you were born. She’ll be okay.”
    “But she’s old now!” insisted Jenny, looking fearfully at the sky.
    “Don’t let her hear you say that,” Eva teased. “I’ll keep trying to reach her. Would that make you feel better?”
    Jenny nodded.
    “She probably just turned her phone off.”
    “Can we go to her house?”
    Eva shook her head. “No, baby. I’ve got to stay here until Lillian gets off work from Aussie Jack’s. There’s no one else to watch the front desk.”
    Jennie looked anxiously at the sky again. “Do you think Snowball will be safe?”
    “Yes. She’s in the house.”
    “Can we check on her?”
    “Not at this time, honey” replied Eva, chewing on her lip.
    “What about Mr. Egan?”
    Eva tried not to show it, but she was getting frustrated with Jenny’s fear of storms. The child was simply wearing her out with her clinging and need for constant reassurance. She wished Mike would come for Jenny, but understood his need to finish his work at the apartment building. She gave Jenny a hug and said, “Jenny, Mr. Egan is fine, I’m sure. You don’t need to worry.”
    “Can we call him?”
    “I don’t have his phone number, and I’m not sure he has a phone yet.”
    “Then how will he know about the storm?”
    “He will look at the sky. Jenny, please! Everyone is safe. This is just a tiny tropical storm. It’s not a hurricane.”
    Eva continued walking toward the office. “Are you coming?”
    Jenny hung back. “I–I’m going to tie up the kayaks first.”
    Eva smiled. “That’s the spirit. Yes, please tie up the kayaks so they won’t float away. Good thinking, Jenny. Come to the office when you’re finished, okay?”
    “I will,” Jenny replied.
    But Jenny had no intention of going back to the office. Snowball was her responsibility, and she was going to make sure her kitten was okay. Jenny had to check on Snowball. She simply had to!

    W hen Jenny didn’t return to the office, Eva checked her watch. It had been ten minutes. Where was that kid?
    Eva opened the office door and peered out. There were still guests swimming in the pool, even with the increasing wind. Mildly irritated with Jenny for not promptly returning to the office, Eva locked the office and strode over to the pool, expecting to find Jenny swimming with several other children squealing in the water, but none of them were Jenny. Eva began to feel uneasy.
    “Hi. Have any of you seen my daughter, Jenny?” asked Eva.
    One teenage boy spoke up. “Yeah. She was tying up the kayaks, and then she got in the last one and took off.”
    Eva felt as if someone had knocked the wind out of her. “When?”
    “I don’t know. Maybe fifteen minutes ago. It’s hard to tell.”
    “Which way did she go?”
    “Umm, that way,” he replied, pointing west.
    Eva smiled unevenly. She didn’t want the guests to know she

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