Bared to Him

Bared to Him by Sierra Cartwright

Book: Bared to Him by Sierra Cartwright Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sierra Cartwright
certainly your choice. You’re free to walk away, but, as you know, you’re paying thousands of dollars for this experience.”
    “You’re an attorney. I’m sure that means you read your contract before signing it.”
    She tucked the few wayward strands of hair behind her ear. “I did.”
    “Then you know the cruise ship Commander made no guarantees of you having a scene with a specific Dom. And there are no refunds once the cruise has set sail.”
    “Master Devon has always been my Dom,” she said, with a stubborn tilt to her chin.
    She continued to stare at him, as if her determination would change things.
    “He still will be, for most of the cruise.” Gabriel hardened his tone. If the woman didn’t want to play, he wouldn’t force her. He would collect his fee whether he was having a drink in the lounge or beating her tight ass. “Tonight he is otherwise engaged. As you’ve already pointed out, I’m the substitute . Believe me, at this point, I’m no more thrilled with it than you are. And here’s what you need to know. I can give you what you came here for, but I will do it on my terms, not yours. Your behaviour will not be tolerated. In fact, it will be punished.”
    She swallowed, but her chin remained high. She was an attorney, but right now she was behaving as if she were a princess.
    “You’re wasting my time as well as yours,” he continued. “You have three choices. You can fucking kneel like a good little sub, I can force you to follow my order, or you can walk out that door.” He pointed to the exit.
    She had the nerve to put her hands on her hips.
    His temper threatened to flare again. Even newbies didn’t behave this way. According to Devon, Victoria had been a regular on the cruise for all the years Devon had been contracted. She knew better. “I repeat, you can fucking kneel like a good little sub, I can force you to obey, or you can walk out of the door. Make a decision.” He folded his arms across his chest.
    He saw the struggle in her gaze, and her blue eyes darkened with fear—fear he knew she’d never admit to feeling. He softened a bit and hoped she didn’t make him regret that decision. “What’s your safe word?”
    Of course it was. “How often have you used it?”
    “Rarely. About once or twice a scene.”
    “You use it during every scene?” he asked, stunned.
    “You sound shocked.”
    “I am,” he admitted. “The women who scene with me almost never safe word. In the last ten years a sub has only stopped a scene three times.”
    She drew her beautifully sculpted eyebrows together as she frowned. “You’ve got to be joking.”
    Gabriel wondered if he had the patience to play with her. At the very least, he should have asked for more money.
    “You’re not kidding,” she said.
    He shook his head.
    She regarded him for a few moments.
    He waited her out. He’d booked out the entire evening for her, so he had no other place to be, besides the bar, where he could likely find a warm, willing, compliant subbie to toy with. It surprised him that the thought didn’t appeal. He wanted to see where things would go with the fiery, determined Victoria.
    “When will Master Devon be free?”
    “Tomorrow,” he said.
    She sighed. “So, if I want to have an encounter tonight, I’m stuck with you?”
    He wondered if the cupboards were stocked with salve for his bruised ego. “No discounts on the payment,” he told her.
    “Has Master Devon at least instructed you on my preferences? I like only small amounts of pain, and then only after I’ve been properly warmed up. I don’t orgasm easily, so I need a lot of attention. Light alligator clips on my nipples help me get off. But anything more intense detracts from my pleasure.”
    She was bossy. Devon obviously had a hell of a lot more tolerance than Gabriel did.
    With no hint of a blush, she said, “I don’t do anal.”
    “Anything else, princess?”
    “Spankings,” she

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