Captiva Capitulation

Captiva Capitulation by Talyn Scott

Book: Captiva Capitulation by Talyn Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Talyn Scott
turned to Blythe. “You ordered duck in peach sauce.”
    She flushed. How did he know she wouldn’t eat duck? “I don’t understand French. The shrimp sounds fine.”
    Rock added an additional dish of boeuf bourguignon. Turning back to Blythe, he asked, “Iced tea?”
    “Sure.” She could use something stiffer, would even settle for wine, yet it was still a little early. When the host walked away, she made a face and whispered, “Duck?”
    He was quick to whisper back, “You live with a vampire who drinks blood, your blood to be exact, and you find a platter of duck disgusting?”
    “Teasing me, big guy?”
    “You have no idea how well I can tease you, my mate.”
    Blythe’s lips parted, her response sitting on the tip of her suddenly dry tongue. However, Rock didn’t wait for her reply. Instead, he addressed a cute, young woman who walked to the table with a sheepish smile, carrying a pitcher of iced tea. Lemon slices dancing behind the crystal, her hand trembled as she poured.
    Blythe returned her smile, gripping her goblet so it wouldn’t go for a flyer. “Hello.”
    Her cerulean eyes widened, moving all over Blythe. “They weren’t exaggerating about your looks, were they?”
    Rock held out his hand, and she handed over the pitcher. In a low, grumbling timbre, he reprimanded her, “Youngling, mind your manners. And don’t think I don’t know about the gossip pots you’re stirring. I’ll pour.” His chin lifted, and she dropped her smile. “Run along.”
    Blythe watched her hasty retreat, embarrassment coloring her face. She picked one word out of all that. “Youngling?”
    “Yeah.” He added sadly, “A halfling whose human mother was killed on the night the mixed-bloods escaped that hidden Habaline facility on Captiva Island.”
    “Her mother was fully human?”
    “It rarely happens, odd really, but yeah.” Rock cocked his head, his line of vision dropping to her lips. “I’m grateful for every rare mixed blood we find, especially you, baby.”
    His stunning physicality affected Blythe. She looked down at her lap. Often, Rock’s intensity was too much for her. For a moment, she feigned adjusting her skirt. Lost in his smell, his strength, and his aura, heat licked her inner thighs. A long minute passed before she could come back to the conversation. “A species wanting to survive finds a way, huh. The Habalines are going for it.”
    “Higher power consumes, reforms, and then regenerates. Or in a Habaline's case:  regurgitates .” He glanced over at the girl. Her hands shook as she poured sparkling water for another guest. “I’m thinking Zuri’s sire is from a powerful line. More than likely, she’ll find mates within our Pack when she’s mature enough to settle down.”
    Blythe didn’t want to discuss multiple mates. “Zuri? That’s beautiful.” She reached for her napkin. “She’s beautiful.”
    “ You are.”
    Her stomach flipped but she still managed to wag a finger at him, scolding, “You upset her, and her mother just died. That’s not like you.” Blythe wanted to envelope Zuri, tell her she was sorry. Somehow, she doubted the girl would accept comfort from a stranger. “You know I lost my parents, well, the ones I thought were my parents, right on the causeway.” She gestured behind her to the bridge connecting Sanibel and Fort Myers. “Why snap at her for saying something silly.”
    “I’m in a distinct position of authority, which is what Zuri needs right now. Leadership directs. Coddling induces weakness in our kind. Weakness will get her killed or subjugated by another faction. I don’t want that for her.” When she opened her mouth to argue, he placed a fingertip on her lips. “She’s rebelling. I don’t allow that. Ever. Maybe you don’t understand. I command every werewolf except the Alpha, his Beta, and a Beast you haven’t met named Gage MacGelton.”
    When he dropped his finger, she said, “But I’ve heard of him.”
    “Yes. Gage is

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