Chased by Piper Lawson

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Authors: Piper Lawson
try again, myself.”
    I set her up and step away, crossing my arms over my chest. She hangs there, grunting, in her bra and panties and it’s making me hot again.
    Ariel, oblivious, gives in. “At least I can hang here all day. Does that build muscle?”
    “Sure.” I run my hands up her sides, lightly.
    “What are you doing?” she murmurs, glancing down at my hands. Back at me.
    Feeling wicked, I bend down, brush my mouth over her navel, her abs. “Don’t let go,” I warn her.
    I stroke a hand down her hip, over her ass.
    She’s watching me, fascinated. I see the effort on her face. That she’s caught between me and what she’s asking her body to do.
    I pull her ass so she’s pressed against me. So she can feel how fucking hard I am against her soft heat. Her mouth forms ‘oh’ as I grind into her.
    Her arms are shaking now. “Chase, you’re making me fall,” she pleads.
    “I thought you said you could hang there all day.”
    She’s fighting, her face is shaking to keep from letting go. Ariel wants to win but she wants me too. “I did, but not when you’re…”
    I’m not playing fair when I press my mouth to her breast, sucking on a peak through the lace of her bra.
    “Oh, God Chase,” she moans.
    “Fuck, you’re sexy,” I manage as I pull back.
    My finger trails down her ass. I run a finger under the edge of her panties and feel her wet for me. My eyes an inch from hers, I dip my finger into her and she spasms.
    “I can’t,” she cries out.
    “Hold on one more minute, baby.”
    I grab a condom from the bedside table before returning to her. She watches me push down my shorts, her eyes big when I roll the condom on. “It looks bigger today.”
    “You know how to stroke a guy’s ego, princess.” I grin, then grab her ass as she weakly releases the bar and wraps her arms around my neck. I turn, pressing her against the doorframe and her legs tighten around my waist. Then I push inside her.
    We groan together.
    I’m pulling out, stroking back in and her eyes are locked on me. She’s starting to sweat, her hair just damp on her forehead. From this or the pullups I don’t know.
    “I love the way you look at me,” I grunt.
    The girl drives me so crazy. I push into her, slow drags, but give up and go harder. Her eyes glaze over while I thrust.
    “You OK?”
    She nods. “I’ve never been this OK before, Chase.”
    And it’s like I imagined that night at the party, me fucking her against the wall and she’s so wet. I give in to it, my hands digging into her hips as my mouth crushes hers.
    The only difference? I’d imagined getting off and getting on with things. But I can’t get her over with. She’s got my body and my heart.
    Her fingers grip my neck and I can tell she’s getting close. “That feels so good. Don’t stop.”
    “No way.”
    She tightens around me, her eyes squeezing shut and her head falling back against the door frame.
    “Look at me. Ariel.”
    Then she does and it’s the wonder in her eyes, not just the way her body’s gripping me, that pushes me over.
    “Let’s skip class,” I say an hour later as we lie in bed, naked again, my hands linked in hers.
    “OK. I can’t believe I don’t even know your schedule. I just know you work at Tor’s a couple nights a week and run every morning. Well, except maybe this one.” A small smile crosses her face and I love it. We’re lying on our sides, facing into one another. Part of me still can’t believe she’s here. We’re here. But we are and it’s fucking perfect.
    “What class do you have to day?” Ariel asks. Her eyes are lazily moving between my body and my face like she’s exploring. I’m glad to be explored by her anytime.
    “I have race and class in American history and culture and politics in early 20 th century Britain,” I tell her, tracing a finger down her shoulder, over her breast. I stop when she sucks in a little breath. “But you’re right, we should get to know each other

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