Conquering Lazar
words were the key to the floodgates. An explosion of sadness escaped. Yes, she was a scared little girl—terrified, in fact. So, allowing that little girl to be just that, she cried. She cried and cried and cried. She mourned her safety. She grieved for the life she so desperately missed. Elbi wept over the loss of Lazar. She allowed every ounce of sadness to leave her body via her tears and cries of pain. Somewhere during the sobbing, Malachi had stopped spanking her and pulled her up into his arms. She had no idea when or how that happened. It wasn't until her entire body hurt with the shaking of her gut wrenching cries, and her body had no more to give, that she paused long enough to take in her surroundings.
    She was covered in sweat, tears and snot. Her fiery ass pulsated against Malachi's lap as his arms held her firmly against him. He rubbed one hand gently up and down her back and occasionally placed soft kisses against her tangled hair. And although she must have been a pure disaster in sight, she felt better than she had in ages. She snuggled into the ley of his neck, taking in his scent. It smelled of earth and dominance. She lowered her hand past the confines of his pants and circled his cock with her palm. Gently, she stroked his length as a sign of her new-found submission. In his embrace, for the first time since leaving Lazar, Elbi had indeed found that harem girl lost in the desert.

Chapter Ten
    Elbi awoke from her nap feeling much better. The mental toll of the spanking far exceeded the small ache still present on her bottom. The release had been much needed, and she actually felt lighter, as if a huge burden had been released. Everything had seemed to be spiraling out of control, and although her circumstances hadn't changed, she knew she had to face them differently. She no longer wanted to be the damsel in distress. She didn't want to be the fragile little girl that everyone had to protect. Malachi was right with what he'd said, she was a survivor, and that made her a fighter.
    Getting out of bed, she decided to find him and tell him she no longer needed to be sheltered—that she could join the rest of the harem. As she entered the other room, she once again found no signs of Malachi, but she could hear muffled voices on the other side of the front door. With curiosity getting the better of her, she tiptoed over to it and pressed her ear against the wood.
    She instantly recognized Malachi's voice, and Donte's. But there seemed to be another in the mix.
    "We forged an alliance with the Salex commune, as well as the Lorince commune. Both will cost Lazar, with having to provide much needed supplies, but they have soldiers ready to fight. Both communes seem to have been preparing for this for some time. I would have to say they are the most experienced we have yet to see. Their soldiers are about five days away," said a voice that Elbi didn't recognize. "They have agreed to join forces and end Jaden's regime. Jaden is growing every day, and are ruthless in their conquering of other communes. Jaden has made many enemies."
    "That is good news, brother," Malachi said. "Donte and I have been preparing the troops that trickle in, as well as the harem."
    "The harem?" the brother asked. "How is that coming?"
    "Slowly," Donte confessed. "But Nico assures us they will be ready when the time comes."
    "What about our other brother? Has there been any word on Jaq?" Malachi asked.
    "Yes, I ran across him at the Lorince commune. There is good news on his task. There is word of weather to the east. He has yet to confirm it, but has spoken to many who can."
    "Rain?" Donte asked.
    "He believes so. He is heading east to see for himself. I do not believe he will be back in time before the battle. But if we are not successful—"
    "We will be successful, Talon. Jaden may be ruthless, but we have the numbers, especially with all the allied forces showing up daily," Malachi interrupted.
    "But if we are not," Talon

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