Death Match (A Magic Bullet Novel Book 2)

Death Match (A Magic Bullet Novel Book 2) by A. Blythe

Book: Death Match (A Magic Bullet Novel Book 2) by A. Blythe Read Free Book Online
Authors: A. Blythe
these ladies arrested if you know what I mean." He smacked the scantily clad woman's butt as she passed by with boxes of pizza and she giggled. It was like the Playboy mansion with a young Matthew McConnaughey at the helm.
    The redhead belched loudly and downed another beer. The sound was like nails on a chalkboard to me.
    "We'd like to speak to you without the Animal House vibe, if you don't mind," I said.
    Luciano set down his paddle and gestured for the game to continue. Another gangly body took his place against the redhead and we headed down the hall toward a room at the far end.
    "So are you adopted?" Thompson asked.
    Wow, she went there without hesitation. Color me impressed.
    Luciano pulled up the front of his gelled hair. "Because of this?"
    "And those dreamy blue-green eyes, of course." Her face remained perfectly straight. I liked her more every time I saw her.
    "My family is Northern Italian," he replied. "My sister's coloring is the same as mine." He gave me a crooked smile. "I'm not one to notice a girl's eyes, but yours are pretty awesome. Green is my second favorite color."
    "And is your sister in the same business as you?" I asked, ignoring the compliment.
    "Gianna is a senior at UCLA," Thompson interjected. "She's studying psychology."
    Luciano looked at her, his expression unreadable. "I guess it shouldn't surprise me that you keep tabs on her."
    So his baby sister chose to study across the country. Either she wasn't involved with the crime syndicate or she was a west coast distributor, encroaching on the West Coast Colony's territory.
    "I doubt Detective Thompson knows which frat boys she's currently screwing," I said.
    Thompson shook her head. "My reach doesn't extend that far."
    Luciano seemed unconcerned by the aspersions cast on his sister's character. Not very close then. Maybe Gianna was trying to escape her family's criminal ties.
    Luciano lingered by the open door of a bedroom. I glanced inside to see a king-sized bed covered in white silk and fluffy pillows. Looked like sleeping on a cloud.
    "I'm open to the idea of a threesome, if you are," he said, running a hand through his unkempt hair. The invitation seemed completely genuine.
    Thompson and I exchanged looks. Luciano was very different from the other crime syndicate guys I'd met. O'Leary, Rocco, Vito. Their qualities were recognizable to me.
    "You do remember she's a PTF detective," I said, jerking my head toward Thompson.
    He leaned casually against the wall and flashed those perfect teeth. "That's what would make it so hot." He eyed my wrists. "And look at you, already wearing cuffs. I say let's get naked first and talk later. Pillow talk is my specialty."
    Was this guy for real?
    I held up my wrists. "I'll make you a deal. If you can take them off, I'd be more than happy for you to attach me to your bedpost."
    His brow rose. Not the answer he was expecting.
    He snapped his fingers in the air and an older man with white hair and a bushy white beard appeared by his side. "Simon, could you do me a solid and remove these cuffs?" The vein in his neck pulsed. "Immediately."
    I smiled and held out my hands. Simon peered closely at the copper cuffs. Cautiously, he poked one with his index finger.
    "What are you doing?" Luciano asked. "They're not going to bite you. Just take them off."
    Simon straightened. "I'm afraid that's impossible, Mr. Bendetti. Those are premium copper cuffs designed to contain a djinni."
    Luciano stared at me and I blew him a kiss.
    "Alyse Winters," he murmured, then pointed to Detective Thompson. "You two have buddied up?" His smile cracked wide open. "I love it. It's like an Eighties cop movie."
    He continued to the room at the end of the hall, the sexual advances already forgotten. "Have you ever seen Beverly Hills Cop?"
    We shook our heads.
    "How about Lethal Weapon?" He tried one more time. "48 Hrs. is a classic. You'd love it."
    I couldn't tell whether he was playing with us or genuinely wanted to share his

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