Ecstasy by Bella Andre

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Authors: Bella Andre
she should cut bait and run before she got in any deeper than she could handle.
    But then she thought about the hundred pages she had already written of her new book and how well it was going, and she knew that a true professional should be willing to give everything to her work, to try anything if it had the potential of enhancing her art. So after listening carefully to make sure no one else was in the bathroom, she slid her red silk panties off of her bare legs, folded them neatly, and slid them into her gold hand-purse. Gingerly opening the plastic bag, she pulled out a black thong.
    “Is this it?” she whispered to herself in the bathroom stall, as she turned it this way and that, poking her hand back into the bag to see if there was something else.
    Wondering what the big deal was about the thong, and knowing it was bound to be something good if Charlie was behind it, with her heart racing, Candace slipped her feet into the thong. Settling the panties up on her hips she let her skirt fall back down over her hips to her knees.
    Wadding up the plastic bag into a ball, she stuffed it into the garbage can in her stall and stepped back out under the fluorescent lighting above the sink. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, she thought she looked pretty confident considering how jumpy she felt. She grabbed her purse from the counter in front of the mirror and pushed the bathroom door open.
    She rounded the corner and headed back into the entryway, careful to walk slowly so she wouldn’t trip in her very high heels and make a fool of herself. She looked up and saw Charlie watching her carefully and she gave him a little grin. He reached into his right pocket and suddenly, she felt tingles, pulses between her legs.
    She stopped dead in her tracks, propped herself up against the wall with her left hand and closed her eyes, trying to determine what had just happened to her.
    She felt as if she had just sat down on a vibrator! Not that she would know firsthand what that would feel like, since she didn’t own any self-stimulants, but she couldn’t disregard the quivering sensation between her legs.
    Comprehension dawned on her and she opened her eyes to meet Charlie’s gaze.
    He looked like a lion who had just captured a milk truck.
    He held his hand out to her as he met her halfway down the hallway and said, “Good. I’m glad you did what I asked you to do. Now let’s go eat.”
    “Eat?” Candace asked him, her voice squeaky, off its normal pitch. “We’re really going to eat?”
    The next thing she knew, the hostess was seating them at a table by the window, and Charlie was ordering drinks for them.
    “This is a joke, right?” she asked him, half-hoping he’d say, Yes, go put your regular panties on and then we’ll head back to my place so I can fuck your brains out , but mostly hoping he’d press the button on his little remote control again to send her into orbit.
    “There are a lot of strangers in the room with us, aren’t there?” he said rather wickedly.
    Her mouth fell open. She quickly moved to shut it, intent on keeping her cool even though this third lesson of theirs was already moving far beyond their last lesson, far beyond her realm of comfort, far beyond anything she ever thought to encounter in her lifetime.
    And here I thought I had experienced everything with him on Saturday, she mused silently as she pretended to study the menu. The words were a blur, and when the waiter came to take their order she couldn’t seem to open her mouth. Thankfully, Charlie ordered for them both.
    Candace was on pins and needles as she waited for the next surge of energy on her pussy lips, as she waited for Charlie to gratify and simultaneously embarrass her across the table. She was already incredibly wet, just from seeing Charlie, from the one jolt he had already given her, and from the sensual promise she read in his eyes.
    “So, how was the rest of your day?” he asked her innocently, as if he

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