vantage point on the ground, she could see Roman perched on the spanking bench, watching her.
    God, how could he be so hot? It wasn’t fair, it was distracting. Her nipples hardened in the cold dungeon air.
    “Roman,” Mistress Lauren said, “With Jessica’s consent, will you do me the honor of stripping her?”
    Roman looked at her. “With pleasure. Do I have your consent, Jessica?”
    Roman, taking off her clothes? Getting naked, in her admittedly limited experience, was a precursor to sex. As attracted as she was to him, she didn’t want to have sex, not like this, not in front of Lauren. But surely they’d ask again before going that far.
    So the real question was, did she trust Roman to respect her wishes? He was waiting patiently for her answer, not touching her until she gave her the go-ahead.
    “Yes, sir.”
    He hopped off the bench with surprising grace for a man so large, and loomed over her.
    “Arms up,” he whispered, and she put her hands up, above her head.
    Ah, this was lovely. He looked at her like she was a prize, not like a whore. She felt sexy, putting herself in such a submissive position for him. And from the heat in his eyes, he was into it too.
    “You look beautiful like that,” he said.
    “Thank you, sir. You do too.” Oh, too much. Too much. “I mean, nevermind.” Jessica shook her head, smiling, finally feeling good again about what she was doing.
    “I’m going to remove your shirt.” With that, he pulled on the bottom of her top, lifting it up past her belly button, past her rib cage, up over her breasts, covered in a plain black bra, and finally over her face and hands.
    She felt exposed, but wonderfully so. Exposed for Roman. Well, for Lauren, right? It was almost easy to forget about Lauren with Roman’s hands so close to her body.
    He went to her feet and carefully removed first one shoe, then the other, setting her shoes to the side.
    “Let’s take these pants off, shall we?” he asked, although Jessica knew it was more of a narration than a question. The answer, of course, was yes. For him, yes to anything.
    Roman’s long fingers skimmed her belly as he found her zipper and drew it down, reaching behind her and tugging until her pants came down over her hips and ass. He went back to her feet and pulled on the material at her ankles, tugging until her pants slid all the way off.
    “I think I like seeing you in underwear even more than seeing you in a bikini,” Roman said. “It feels more taboo.”
    Jessica felt the same way. Something about being in her underwear, lying on the floor motionless, and letting him undress her was incredibly sexy.
    “Thank you for your help, Roman,” Lauren said, and stood over Jessica. Roman was again on the sidelines, much to Jessica’s dismay.
    It didn’t seem fair to Mistress Lauren to tell her she only wanted to scene with Roman when she hadn’t given Lauren a real chance yet. And maybe Lauren hadn’t meant to hurt her feelings when she called her a little whore. She couldn’t have known how much those words would sting.
    Or maybe she did, and she thought Jessica would get off on it, like her male subs did. They loved when she humiliated them by making them follow her on all fours like a dog.
    The thought made her feel a bit better. After all, even Jessica herself didn’t know yet what turned her on and what didn’t. There was a learning curve for all of them. She wouldn’t know what her limits were until they were pushed.
    “What shall we do with you today, Jess?” Lauren asked, kneeling down until her knees straddled Jessica’s hips. It felt like a very sexual thing to do, like they were about to . . . fuck or something. Jessica giggled. She didn’t usually think like that, but when in Rome . . .
    (do Roman.)
    She laughed out loud now. When in Rome, do Roman? Holy moly.
    “Care to share?” Lauren asked.
    “Nothing, Mistress. I’m having silly thoughts. I don’t think I’m used to having a woman sit on

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