Flawed Heart (House Of Obsidian #1)

Flawed Heart (House Of Obsidian #1) by Bella Jewel

Book: Flawed Heart (House Of Obsidian #1) by Bella Jewel Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bella Jewel
driving his cock as deep as he can get it. I haven’t been with another man in five years, so there’s a pleasurable sting that radiates through my sex as he fills me. “You fucking lied,” he rasps, fingers pinching my ass as he pulls me closer. “No cock has been in here since mine.”
    “I didn’t lie,” I pant. “You assumed.”
    “Fuck,” he hisses as he slides out, and drives his cock home again. “Sweet as I fuckin’ remember.”
    He starts fucking me hard against the wall, so hard the bare skin on my back slides over the bricks until I can feel the painful frication as my skin begins to peel off. I don’t care. I clutch Max, digging my fingernails into his arms, feeling his bulging muscles. I kiss him, soft and hard, deep and gentle, gasping his name as he pounds into me.
    It takes me less than five minutes to come, and when I do it’s explosive. I drop my head into his shoulder and cry his name, muffling it against his sweat-dampened shirt. He hisses, grunts and his fingers press into my hip so hard I know it’ll bruise. He starts thrusting harder and harder, our skin slapping, our bodies tangled in the best way, and then he lets out a long, quick breath mixed with a moan and his body goes still. I can feel every exquisite pulse as he comes inside me, milking his cock until there’s nothing left.
    He releases me and I drop my leg, letting him slide from my depths. Warm heat runs down my leg, but I do nothing to stop it. I just pull my panties back in place and look up into the deadly black eyes of the man I love so fucking much it hurts. I want to go home with him, tuck myself into his big body like I used to, and feel the comfort he brings, but I can’t. The eyes staring down at me—they belong to a deadly fighter that I don’t know.
    I feel as if I just fucked a stranger, and yet, I feel a familiarity that doesn’t come with random one-night stands. I’m so confused, my heart the most.
    “I need,” I say, my voice trembling. “I should go.”
    Max straightens himself up, and I just pull down my dress when Rainer comes outside followed by Pippa. Max makes a pissed off sound in his throat and pushes off the wall, stepping back. Pippa and Rainer both look at me, then at Max, and I see Pippa’s face flush. Yeah, I guess it was that obvious what we just did.
    “What the fuck do you want?” Max grunts, running his fingers through his hair. “Round two?”
    Rainer says nothing, but instead turns to me. His face is messed up like Max’s, except he has two black eyes instead of a split lip. He’s also got a deep-looking cut on his cheek. “You need a ride home?”
    “I’ll take her,” Max grunts.
    Say what?
    If Max knows where I live, then I’ll never be able to make the right choices for Immy. She needs to enter this slowly, not with him showing up demanding to see her.
    “No,” I say, stepping towards Rainer. “I’ll go with him.”
    Max glares at me, and it’s Pippa who steps forward, smiling shyly at him. “I’ll take her to save all argument, okay?”
    “Thought you didn’t fucking know her well?” Max grunts at Pippa.
    She crosses her arms. “I know her better now.”
    I know Max helped Pippa a fair few months back, when she got into some trouble with an enemy of Tyke’s MC. When she put two and two together, and figured out who he was, they had a conversation about me, and Pippa claimed she knew me but not well. She didn’t want to give too much away.
    “Whatever,” Max grunts, his eyes flicking to me. “Give me your number.”
    “No,” I say, stepping closer to Rainer.
    His eyes flash. “You don’t get to hide now, Anabelle. You give me your number or I’ll go and sit at your mother’s house until she gives it to me.”
    Fucking big jerk.
    I lift my phone out of my purse and he pulls one from his jeans pocket. I rattle off my number and he punches it in, then he sends a text my way. I save his number and then turn to Pippa. “Can we go?”

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