Forever and Almost Always

Forever and Almost Always by Amanda Bennett

Book: Forever and Almost Always by Amanda Bennett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Bennett
    I meant every word that I had said to her thus far tonight. I really was willing to wait for this girl to be ready, before I tried anything else with her. I didn’t want her to feel cheap or anything less than amazing. So if waiting was what I needed to do, then waiting it was. I placed my hand back on her thigh after we both tried to get comfortable, and I could see her smile from the corner of my eye.
    A little over an hour later, the movie was over. I couldn’t tell you how it ended or even what happened throughout most of it, but the fact that I got to make out with Charlee and touch her with no one else around to interrupt, was amazing. I wasn’t ready to leave the confines of the dark theater, but the lights came on minutes later and we didn’t have much of a choice. I reached for her hand and pulled her up flush against my chest.
    “You hungry?”
    “Starving.” Her voice came out all soft and sexy, and now dinner was the last thing on my mind.
    “Let’s go.” I quickly pulled her through the theater and out to the truck. I had come up with the best idea, but I wasn’t sure if she was going to go along with it. “What would you think about picking up some fast food, and going back to my place?” I was bracing myself for her answer. Most girls would be pissed that I didn’t want to go to some fancy, expensive restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised when she eventually did answer me.
    “That sounds amazing.”
    “Really?” I was shocked.
    “You sound surprised.”
    “I guess I’m just used to more high maintenance girls, that’s all.”
    “I am probably one of the least high maintenance girls you will ever meet. I don’t need much to make me happy.”
    I smiled a wide smile, as I grabbed her hand, linking our fingers together again. “Okay, I’ll let you pick the place. How’s that sound?”
    She let out a loud laugh, filling the entire cab of the truck with the melodic sound. “I pick Taco Bell.”
    “Ah, a woman after my own heart. Done. Now what do you want to do when we get back to my house? I think Wilton is gone for the night, but if he is home we can always hang out in my room.”
    “That sounds a little bit dangerous.” She winked.
    “We can watch another movie or something. Anything you want.”
    “We can figure it out when we get there, how about that?”
    When we pulled up to the house, I noticed a few cars in the driveway, one of which I knew was Aaron’s, but the other two, I had no idea. I let out a loud sigh, knowing exactly how this night was going to go.
    “You okay, Dax?” We had been parked on the street for at least five minutes before she finally said something.
    “Yeah, I’m good. Hey, no matter what happens when we walk in there, promise me it’ll just be you and me tonight?”
    “Okay, I promise.”
    “Are you sure? Trust me, the parties are very appealing, and I understand if you would rather hang out with everyone else.”
    “Hey,” her hand cupped my cheek, instantly silencing me. “Look at me. This our date and I just want it to be you and me. I promise, I do.”
    I nodded, and jumped out of the truck. I ran around to her side and pulled her out of the truck, slamming her body against mine as my lips captured hers. It was a brief kiss and I didn’t want to stop, but our food was getting cold and I wanted to get her into my room before more people showed up.
    Everyone shouted a ‘hello’ in unison when we walked through the door, but Charlee and I made a beeline straight for my room without saying a word. Yeah, it may have been rude, but I wasn’t willing to share this girl, ever. I quietly closed the door behind me and watched her every move, as she made her way over to my bed and sat down right in the middle of it.
    “Are you just going to stand there and look at me all stalker like, or are you gonna join me?”
    I tossed the bags of food on the ground, before I went running across the room, tackling Charlee down on the bed. I

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