Lives of Future-Past (The Chronicles of Max Gunnarsson Book 1)

Lives of Future-Past (The Chronicles of Max Gunnarsson Book 1) by S.K. Benton

Book: Lives of Future-Past (The Chronicles of Max Gunnarsson Book 1) by S.K. Benton Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.K. Benton
definitely not progressing in a timely fashion. As we go on and get to know each other better I will explain these things to you - and teach you. So, Max, you were not the only one protected. There were countless others on Azul, but there were also others, similar to me, in charge of them. I took a special interest in you for various reasons, but one being that others would simply pass on their recessive genes to further generations, never having had the chance to access their innate skills. You, however, have not been resigned to such a fate.
     Being able to travel through time and space, as I am able to do, we observe, and in some cases, correct. Sometimes in order to correct, we must let tragedy strike. We must let many suffer, so that we may right the wrongs so unjustly thrust upon innocent billions. But this time, Max, we have a very important job to do. We will stop the suffering. It does not happen here, and it ends somewhere else, as this was simply a convenient place for us to meet. Anyway, I need to take you somewhere so I can further help you to realize your potential, and to prepare you for an incredibly dangerous, yet exciting job. However, I would like to take a little trip to a nearby location, so that you may see what you will eventually be up against. You are not to return to Azul - at least not right away, and we have precious little time, so I would ask that you come along with me. It will only take a few moments…. are you willing to come along?”
     At first Max didn’t like this. He had plans, and even though things were not good with his planet’s military, he couldn’t justify running off with some old Viking and leaving his ship. He gave Draagh a roguish expression, thought for a moment, and then shot off some questions in rapid-fire fashion.
     “Will I lose my ship? Will it be safe? How will I get home?”
     “Max,” Draagh continued, “When I am done teaching you what you need to learn, you won’t need a space ship.”
     Max reluctantly agreed, gave Draagh and archaic thumbs-up sign, and the two of them stood up. “Come, my boy. Stand close to me, as you must be in the proximity of my staff.”
     With that, Max stood next to Draagh, who then tamped his staff into the ground with a mild concussive force, causing the two to disappear from the campsite, with nothing left of their presence save for a small whirlwind of dust.

Chapter 6 – Hidden Agenda
         “We enter Sol system in approximately 8 hours, Father. From there it could take anywhere up to 24 hours more to cruise into Earth orbit."
     Ryder paused briefly before continuing, as he stared at the side space console vid screen. The last he had spoken to his father was some 18 hours prior, when he informed him of their proximity, but now that he had a more precise ETA he had initiated contact again.
     “I am retrofitting my Draeder with supplementary fuel extraction equipment and have stashed extended supplies on board. Once there I will install the side space transmitter arrays at the predefined locations and we should be good. Then I’ll find Gunnarsson’s ship and take command of it, giving us our own personal SSCC transport. As the plan goes, once I get his ship I will crash my Draeder and move to a hidden location with Gunnarsson’s craft and wait until the fleet departs back for Azul. I’ll be listed as missing in action. From there we’ll rendezvous at our base on Vela.”
     The plan went further – once his father’s scientists had successfully stolen/extracted all of the SSCC technology and could build hooks drives for a virtually derelict fleet of barges left over from the Exodus, he would take Gunnarsson’s ship back to Azul and return the hero. He would claim he had bailed out of his Draeder after being shot down by Gunnarsson, and then killed the man in hand-to-hand combat. Then, after some weeks, would

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