Lucky Number Four

Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason

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Authors: Amanda Jason
who is home. Hope you’re hungry.”
He winks as Colin and Liam turn to look at me.
    “We’re having a good old English nosh—roast
beef, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, and baby peas,” Colin
says proudly before turning back around to stir the pot.
    “It smells absolutely delicious, and I’m
famished. How long until dinner?”
    “About twenty minutes,” Colin says without
showing me his beautiful face.
    “Great. I’ll go take a quick shower.” I turn
and practically run to my room, shut the door, and start peeling
off my clothes.
    At least ten people could fit in my shower.
It has a massive showerhead that feels like I’m standing underneath
a waterfall. The first time I used it, I didn’t want to turn off
the water. In fact, it wasn’t until I remembered I had to be at
work that I dragged myself away from it.
    When I’m done showering, I dress in a pair of
yoga pants, boot slippers, and a comfy, super-soft sweatshirt. I
decide to put my wet hair up in lazy ponytail.
    The table is set and they’re just putting
bowls of food on it when I walk in. My stomach rumbles and all
three chuckle to themselves. Drew pulls back a chair and motions
for me to have a seat. I grab the first bowl, and soon my plate is
piled high with food. I look up, realizing the others have stopped
scooping food onto their plates and are staring at my plate.
    “I like a girl who enjoys her food,” Liam
quips and he smiles—yes, he smiles. A thousand-watt smile, at
    I blush—yes, it’s a fault of being a
redhead—embarrassed that I probably look like a little porker in
their eyes.
    “He means it, love,” Colin says, looking with
concern at me. “The toothpicks we get the pleasure to be around
wouldn’t dream of eating all that. Oh, no. That’s a good thing.
Like I said, toothpicks.”
    He grins and everyone else vanishes from the
table as I stare into his amazing, crystal blue eyes. My stomach
grumbles louder, breaking the spell. I break eye contact and
concentrate on my plate, as does everyone else when they realize my
discomfort. No one talks for several minutes. Thank goodness,
because my brain is so wrapped up in the incredible food.
    “So, Dora, how was your day?” Drew asks and
all three pairs of eyes focus on me.
    “It was super busy.”
    “Ah, yes. Your Black Friday nightmare, which
I must say I have tried once and that cured me for all time,” Colin
says, his eyes twinkling. I swear they are.
    “I agree, Colin. No shopping for me. I’m
doing my shopping like I always do, on Monday online. I will never
understand why people stand in line for hours to save a few
    “To some people, it’s a business.” Liam’s
voice shocks me, as he always seems like he isn’t listening. “They
buy cheap and sell to make a profit. Not bad if you have the
patience. Which, of course, I would never have.”
    His Aussie accent is so adorable. What am I
saying? Liam … adorable?
    The conversation continues. I listen and
interject every now and then with my comments. I love listening to
them talk, each with distinctly different accents.
    “Colin, that was so good. Thank you.” I watch
his face light up at my comment. Not again. I can’t get lost in
those eyes. I may end up doing something really embarrassing, like
climbing onto the table and kissing him soundly. Instead, I get up,
grab my plate, head to the kitchen, and open the freezer to cool
off my heated face and thoughts.
    Drew’s voice brings me back. “No dishes for
you, ‘Ms. I’ve Worked All Day’. Go get dressed up. We’re going
    “Out? Out where?” I ask, forgetting I’m still
holding the freezer door open.
    “Out. To have a good time. You do like to
have a good time, don’t you?”
    “Yes, but I’m not … I mean, my hair is … I’m
just not up to going out tonight.”
    “It’s Friday night and we’re going out. No
arguments. So hurry up and get ready.” He grabs my arm and gives me
a light shove out of the kitchen, where

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