Run (Book 2): The Crossing

Run (Book 2): The Crossing by Rich Restucci

Book: Run (Book 2): The Crossing by Rich Restucci Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rich Restucci
Tags: Zombies
airport fire department?”
    “Yes, but the thing they definitely have at airports is lots of people.” Boone shook his head and sighed, resigned. “We’ve got a man down, and we need to get him on his feet, but I want full recon of the entire facility before we go in.”
    “This is Wyomin’,” Dallas drawled, “and I’m thinkin’ that there wouldn’t be too many folks at the airport, plus I bet that anybody living would have gotten out if they could.”
    Boone shifted his weight. “It’s the ones that didn’t get out that concern me. Alright, around the city to the south, then north to the airport.” He traced the route with his finger. “Full circle with LAV One, LAV Two stays in reserve a mile out.”
    Joe started whining, and let loose with two puppy barks. He had taken a liking to Anna, and was in her arms or near her most of the time. He started struggling and barked again.
    “Never liked beagles much,” Dallas said as Anna put the dog down. “Yippy lil’ sumbitches.”
    Anna put her hands on her hips, and glared at him, “Let me guess, you’re more of a bloodhound guy right? You like your dogs big and dumb, and capable of all kinds of howling?”
    “Well yeah, actually, I kinda do. The only thing a pissant dog like that is good for is addin’ extra meat t’ my stew.”
    As they emerged, Joe ran to the opposite side of the road and barked at a gigantic green road sign. The sign had been toppled into the weeds in a gulley next to the broken highway. He whined and looked over his shoulder at Dallas and Anna, then continued to bark.
    Dallas strode over and stood next to the dog. “Well I’ll be god dammed. Friggin’ mutt might prove useful after all.” Anna joined them, followed by the rest of the group. Joe was barking at a pair of legs that were sticking out from under the sign. The legs were moving.
    “Guess yer sniffer ain’t busted there, kiddo.” He reached down and scooped up the puppy, and gave him to Anna.
    “Back in the LAVs,” ordered Boone. “Last time we thought a place was clear, there turned out to be a hundred Limas playing died and seek.”
    The reactions were all the same: Shock. Boone did have a sense of humor.
    “Everybody in LAV One. Cole, you stay in Two with Martinez until we get back. Stay here unless we call you for exfil.”
    “Copy, sir.”
    Rick entered LAV Two to check on his friend. Martinez was stretched out on one of the benches, his broken arm re-bandaged and in a sling on his chest. His chest was rising and falling, but Rick checked his pulse anyway. It was weak, but present.
    “I’ll watch him,” Cole said from up front.
    “Thanks.” Rick left the LAV and Cole closed the rear hatch from the driver’s seat.

    After circling the small airport for a half hour, the team of eight pulled up on runway six next to the charred remains of an airliner. It was unlikely that anything stumbled from this wreckage, but Boone was not taking any chances. He ordered everyone to stay in the LAV until they could see a medical facility. There was a Mountain Airways 747 airliner pulled up close to a jet-way that jutted out from a terminal. A ten foot gap or so separated the jet-way from the open door of the plane. Several non-mobile corpses were broken on the tarmac below the jet. The evidence suggested that they had fallen from either the plane or the access tunnel leading to it and smashed their heads on the airstrip.
    “I’m not seeing any medical signs,” observed Anna.
    Chris pointed at the terminal. “There’s bound to be some meds and stuff in there someplace.”
    “Out of the question,” said Boone. “That place is a death-trap. We can’t properly recon it from out here, and look,” he pointed toward the large glass windows on the first floor, “there’s plenty of Limas. We’ll have to find another way.” Many mobile deceased were staggering around on the lower level, some smacking the glass in an attempt to get to the LAV that

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