SOLO by Deborah Bladon

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Authors: Deborah Bladon
for having sex with you."
    "No." My voice is firm and controlled. "It's not about that, Libby. I am very attracted to you. Look at you. How could I not be? My desire to fuck you is about that. It's not about being able to offer you something in return."
    "The other night when you took me for dinner, we almost fucked."
    Christ, hearing that word come out of her mouth is making me hard. Timing is everything and right now mine sucks. I have to adjust myself on the couch just to hide the erection that is straining against my pants.
    "I wanted to fuck you." Her tongue darts out of her mouth before she pulls it over her bottom lip. "I really did."
    I shuffle in my seat. This can't be real. She's sitting inches away from me talking about wanting to feel my cock inside of her and I know she's about to get up and walk out of the door for good. I have to let her go. My mind is telling me it's the right thing to do, but my body is aching to get under that skirt. I had a taste of that on my fingers the other night, I need more.
    "You don't want me now?" I ask knowing that the answer is either going to send my cock into overdrive or my erection will die a very quick and painful death.
    She closes her eyes briefly before she opens them under heavy lids. "I didn't say that."
    "Tell me what you want, Libby." I inch myself closer to her. "Tell me exactly what you want."
    She arches her back as if she's looking for a place to retreat. She has nowhere to go but back into my lap. Her hands press down into the cushion on the couch. "I want this to be less complicated."
    "Tell me how I can make that happen."
    She wrings her hands together. I can feel the nervous energy bouncing off of her body. Her chest is heaving which is doing little to quell my raging hard-on. I want her naked, now. "I just want you to fuck me. That's all I want."

Chapter 19
    I rehearsed what I wanted to say over and over again in my mind before I took the subway to Alec's office. I know he said that he could get me a solo in Selfish Fate but that would put a bull's eye on my back that says I'm being used. I don't want that. I just want the sex. He can keep the favors. I can make it on my own. I got the part in the musical from hard work and dedication. I'll climb up the rungs of the theatre world just like everyone else does.
    "Did you just say you want me to fuck you, Libby?" His voice is a growl. It's different than it was ten minutes ago when I first stepped into his office and he slammed the door shut behind me.
    My heart is racing. I didn’t expect to be sitting so close to him when we had this conversation.  I didn't expect to just blurt those words out either, but I have to own it now. "I said that, yes."
    He lunges forward, pulling my body into his. His lips find mine in a hungry kiss and the only thing I can do is give in to the desperate want that I've been feeling for weeks. I moan into him as I cup the back of his head with my hand. His hair is soft and luxurious, his lips supple. He's such a good kisser. It's even better than I remember from when we kissed in his car the other night.
    "Libby, you do things to me." The words press into my lips from his before his tongue pulls my mouth open.
    I whimper when I feel his hand on my thigh. My body can't control its desperate need for him, so my legs fall open without thought. I'm so wet already. I was wet the moment I saw him through his office door.
    His hand grazes my panties stopping over my clit. He presses his finger into it, through the fabric, causing a delicious bite of pressure with friction. I rock my hips with the motion. I'm hungry for this. I'm starving for his touch. I want to feel his hands on every part of me.
    "I want you so much," he says hoarsely. "I can't stop thinking about you."
    I close my eyes and give in to the kiss. I glide my lips over his, soaking in the taste of his breath. I need this too. I need to feel pleasure under this man's hands. I can pretend that I don't, but

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