The Last Dance

The Last Dance by Kierney Scott

Book: The Last Dance by Kierney Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kierney Scott
Tags: Suspense, Contemporary
need a list of everyone I come in contact with when I am with you. This is not just a matter of a few bugs. Everything. He will expect me to fully infiltrate your life.”
    Roman undid his top button. “ He is very confident in your abilities. What if I had not been interested? What if I had turned you down and not wanted to fuck you.”
    “It hasn’t happened yet,” she said simply. Men were simple creatures. Seduction was not difficult.
    Roman’s stare went impossibly cold. “How many?”
    Georgina shrugged. “You have done your research. You know the answer to that.”
    “Did you care for any of them?”
    “Do you care for any of the women you fuck?” Georgina retorted.
    Roman thought for a second. “I at least enjoyed fucking them. Can you say the same?”
    He was judging her. She felt it in the heat of his stare. She did what she had to do. She wasn’t proud of it, but neither was she ashamed. He did not have the right to judge her. She knew his story after all. At least she had never killed anyone. “Until you, they were all attractive. You are the only ugly man I have been assigned. And I have been spared having to fuck you. I enjoy that fact very much.”
    Roman undid another button and then another, not stopping until his shirt hung open.
    “What are you doing?” she demanded.
    “Are you scared, angel, or turned on? I can’t tell with you. They show as the same emotion on your face. Lucky that you are beautiful enough for the both of us.” Roman kicked off his shoes, then undid his trousers and let them drop to the floor.
    “Stop it!” Georgina shouted as she picked up his clothes and tried to hand them back to him. “What in the hell are you doing? Get dressed.”
    Roman dropped his boxers and then handed those to her as well. “If we were lovers I would be fucking you at least twice a day.”
    Georgina shook her head. This was insane. “But we’re not.”
    “To the world we are. Should I write this down for you? Which part aren’t you following?”
    Georgina glanced down long enough to take in his body again. My God, the man is beautiful, his broad shoulders, thickly muscled arms, and sculpted abs. His body was nothing short of perfection. He knew it too. Of course he did. He had a mirror. Damn it. No. She would not let herself think of him that way. He was Roman Zakharov, criminal, Mafia boss, oligarch. “Put your clothes back on.”
    “I sleep naked. Where is your bedroom?”
    “You’re not sleeping here. I don’t have room for you. It is only a one-bedroom apartment.”
    “You have had lovers before? You do know how it works. We share a bed. We have done it before. I managed to deal with your snoring. We’ll be fine.”
    Roman walked down the hall to her bedroom, leaving her staring after him. Georgina did not snore. Sometimes she talked in her sleep, but she never snored.
    * * * *
    Her entire flat would fit in his master suite. “Why do you have a child’s bed?” Roman’s face contorted in disgust when he saw the single bed in her room.
    The single bed was by design so there was no room for anyone to spend the night. This was her safe place. No one was allowed here. No man had been with her here since Lev. “I never sleep with men in my apartment. If we really were lovers, I would spend the night at your apartment.”
    Roman pulled back the duvet. “It’s too late to go back to my place. We are sleeping here tonight.” His tone told her he was not to be argued with. Did he ever hear no? No one dared challenge him. If his size and sheer presence were not enough, his reputation would give a person pause before crossing him.
    “Fine, take my bed.” Georgina sighed. She took one of the pillows off the bed. “I’ll sleep on the couch.”
    Roman wrapped his large hand around her wrist, preventing her from moving. “No, you will sleep in bed.”
    Georgina’s eyes widened. “But…but…you…said…but you—” She took a step back.
    “I am not going to rape you, if

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