The Rising Sun: Episode 1

The Rising Sun: Episode 1 by J Hawk

Book: The Rising Sun: Episode 1 by J Hawk Read Free Book Online
Authors: J Hawk
Tags: Science-Fiction, Space Opera
hand into his robe pocket, and pulled out the pen shaped device
they had acquired. He felt the familiar joy of a long awaited
victory, but instantly quelled it. He knew there was much work to
be done … This was just the beginning. There was a more important
task at hand now, on this road towards their goal.
    Slowly rising
to his feet, Zardin pocketed the mineral detector, turned and
strode back deeper down the cave, where the others awaited.
    It was time to
move to their next task.
    Time to raise
the madness to a whole new level.

    Ion dismounted
the hover bike and gazed about the scenery before him. Sprawling
before him was a mountainous terrain. There were faint markings of
people living here, and he thought he saw huts erected at the top
of a few of the mountains and by the slopes. He knew that these
people, the mountain dwellers, would be of a primitive, tribal
type. Nothing to worry of. It was the advanced, city dwelling type
that needed worrying, for they were the ones that were more likely
to spot a mystic and turn him into the Naxim.
    Like the
blasted village headman. He cursed under his breath.
    If he hadn’t
managed to get hold of the bike, along with the stolen power drive,
Ion might have taken an entire day to reach this planet from
Sacrogon. The bike and the stolen power drive made his job of
getting to this planet far easier. And far quicker: the space jump
from Sacrogon to here took a mere twenty seconds.
    Space travel
took place at such high speeds that it literally was a jump across
millions of miles, and hence the term. The voyage between two
planets in the same cluster took mere minutes and, in shorter cases
such as these, mere seconds. But the distance between two star
clusters was so tremendous that the voyage was took upto hours. The
space gates, the portals connecting the star clusters, took care of
that problem. As a combined result, travelling anywhere within the
inner spectrum took mere minutes. But the outer spectrum, however,
which was too far away, was a completely different story.
    A faint haze
capped the top of some of the tallest of the mountains, which
seemed to rise to more than a mile above the ground. The terrain
was rugged, interspersed with feeble greenery in the form of grass
and bushes.
    Parking the
hover bike by the side of a tree, Ion sank to a squatted position
beneath the tree, letting his breath calm down. It took a while
before he realised how weary he had been made by the past few
    He had had
little sleep in the past two days. And, he remembered with a
squirming in his stomach, the feeble sleep he had scraped in the
cruiser had been disturbed by a regular visitor … the regular,
unwelcome visitor to his dreams, whom he had been carrying for
years now.
    The man with
the glowing red eyes…
    “ You can’t
outrun me, Ion … I am a part of you.”
    A shiver raced
through him as he remembered that creature from his dreams. That
creature who resided in the darkest depths of his memory … the
darkest depths of his past. His was a past which he wished he could
score off. As much as he knew he couldn’t. That lunatic whom he saw
in his dreams was a part of him, a blot on his memory that he knew
he would never erase.
    Ion slid his
back over the back of the tree trunk and thrust his hand into the
other pocket of his robe. His fingers brushed over a hard parchment
surface. He grabbed the sheet of parchment that lay stuffed inside
his pocket, drew it out, and slowly unrolled it.
    And there,
staring out of the poster with his glowing red eyes was the man.
His face was printed over most of the sheet. But beneath the face,
in small letters, lay the words:
    Most wanted
    Charge 54
    Wanted for a
series of murders, assassinations, and unprovoked armed assaults on
various individuals.
CALL 323 – 938 – 748 – 320 IMMEDIATELY.

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