forward. “Don’t get shy now. Act like you like me.”
    He loosened her grip and teased her. “Do you mean it, or is this a new brand of torture?”
    “Get busy, Horn.” She closed her eyes. “Antigua has been watching us. Don’t mess this up.”
    He held his animal instincts on a tight leash, brushing a quick kiss on her lips. Her look of disappointment threw him. “That’s enough for now.” Damn. Why did he have to sound like a drill sergeant? “Want to take a dip? I’ll mess with you in the water.”
    “Kiss my rear, agent man.” She pulled her hat down to shade her eyes.
    While he sat pondering her attitude, one of the loudest, almost naked chicks on the cruise hurried up to grab his arm. “Hey, now lady.” He laughed and pulled his arm free. “I’m with this beautiful lady.”
    The woman didn’t seem to give a shit about ethics. “Aw, she won’t care if I borrow you.” The caps on her teeth glistened in the sun. “I want to win the best looking couple contest.”
    Lana peered at him from under the brim of her hat. “Oh, go on. I’m sure you’ll wow them.”
    Sam wanted to tell the woman to bugger off, but he decided to go on with the buffoon act. “Okay, as long as my lady doesn’t mind.”
    Walking behind the hippy woman with four-inch heels, Sam figured it would be another chance to make Antigua see him as an inept ass, short on brains and experience.
    He put his arm around his contest partner and grinned until his face hurt. She giggled like a teen and rubbed his ass. He noticed the other guys posed and smiled for the judges. Hell with that.
    “Say, honey.” She looked up at him with the most open invitation he’d ever seen. “How long does this last?”
    She seemed to think he’d asked for time in the sack. “My name’s Nita. And it will be over soon.” She rubbed his belly. “Anxious, are we?”
    “Anxious? For what?”
    The sparkle in her eyes dimmed. “You know. Sex.”
    “Oh.” Sam met her gaze with a slight scowl. “Aw, I don’t do that nasty stuff.”
    Her attitude went into sultry vamp. “It’s not nasty, honey.” She squeezed his arm. “I’ve trained lots of virgins.”
    He laughed the dopiest laugh he could muster. She seemed encouraged, posing for the judges dressed in rainbow-colored Speedos and leaned forward to reveal most of her implants. He could see the scars when her breasts plopped forward.
    Sam tried to keep a watch on Pearly and was damn glad he did. Antigua had moved in on her. He needn’t be concerned. Pearly had the man enthralled, tossing her head back to laugh at whatever he’d said. Something close to possessiveness grabbed Sam in the gut when Antigua stroked Pearly’s arm.
    “Pardon me, ma’am. I see my girlfriend is in trouble, as usual.”
    “You send her to me if she needs lessons on pleasing a man.”
    He shook his head. Ms. Pearly didn’t need lessons. If memory served him correctly, she’d taught him a few things. And he couldn’t forget any of them.
    He picked up the pace and waved at her, catching her attention.
    “I’m coming, baby.”
    She didn’t act like she needed any help, just gave him that look of superiority that drove him nuts.
    Antigua sat comfortably on the deckchair with her, smiling with all his wolf’s teeth. Sam figured the prick was sizing her up for the kill.
    Over my dead body, scumbag

    Chapter Ten
    Lana shut down her nervous reaction to Antigua, even moved her legs aside to allow him to sit on the deck chair. “Yes, we’re having a wonderful time, Mister Antigua.” The hell they were. She could hardly resist kicking this lizard off her chair. “But I can’t wait to get back home to Miami.”
    Antigua’s brows went up and his gaze warmed. “Such luck.” He toyed with the sunscreen bottle. “I am staying in Miami for a few days. Perhaps I could see you again while I am there.”
    “Oh, I doubt it.” He was a babe, perfectly groomed and in control of himself, right down to his fingertips.

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