Vader's Little Princess

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Bron says:
I really wanted to like this one as much as I liked "Vader and Son," buuuuuuuut nah. It wasn't as good. This one didn't have as many reused lines from the movies, and certain scenarios just didn't work as well. It almost felt too stereotypical, with Vader being all upset and overprotective of Leia and angsting about her being a teenager. It was still a cute book, but it wasn't as funny as the first one.
camran says:
Se lee en un dos por tres, todo esta lleno de referencias a situaciones que suceden en las películas y es divertido leer sobre cómo hubiese sido que Vader se hiciera hecho cargo de criar a Leia.Hay algunas partes más divertidas que otras, pero en general se disfruta, y el diseño de las ilustraciones me ha gustado.Diría que es una lectura para pasar un rato ameno sin que sea algo trascendental.
Vader's Little Princess
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Guest 4 years ago

You guys have rude comments

missmeow 5 years ago

I don't like what you said

Guest 5 years ago

its okay i guess

Guest 6 years ago

Sucked in my opoion why would vader be an overportetive dad more like overragable dad

Guest 5 years ago

Is that English?

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