Fallen Crest High

Fallen Crest High by Tijan

Book: Fallen Crest High by Tijan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tijan
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance
had more to do with his mom than me. "They divorced last year and haven't talked since. James probably didn't feel she was worthy of this information."
    My eyes went wide. I couldn't stop them. When I realized I was staring, I shoved the sandwich in my mouth. Then chewed.
    His eyes narrowed, a gleam of anger glittered in them. His mouth drew shut and his jaw tightened.
    My stomach clenched again and something burst in my body. I shifted, uncomfortable, on the seat. I shouldn't be there. I shouldn't be hearing this, talking to him. It wasn't right. When a full blown alarm started to sound in my head, he shoved back his chair and stood.
    He took my now-empty plate and glass to the sink. As he passed, he tapped my shoulder lightly. "You should come down. I think Nate got some jet skis." Then he was up the stairs and gone.
    It was like he'd never been there. I still sat at the kitchen table.
    I never went down to the beach. I didn't want to chance a run-in with Jessica, Lydia, or Jeff. I didn't care about the others, but a headache had started. It grew as the day progressed. When the evening came around, it had lessened dramatically. I felt a bit more human and checked my phone.
    There was a text from Becky. 'Adam likes you. You should go out with him.'
    'You like him.'
    I waited a minute. 'He doesn't like me and I'd rather he were with you than someone else. No one's good enough for him.'
    Oh Becky. I groaned, but replied, 'Maybe.'
    'Good. I gave him your number.'
    And sure enough, I saw an unknown number had texted me. 'This is Adam. Dinner?'
    I stared at it. What the hell was I doing?
    He sent another. 'Please? I'm being a loser here.'
    I smacked my forehead with my palm. 'I'll meet you at Mastoni's , 830.'
    It wasn't even thirty seconds before I got back, 'See you then!'
    Again, what the hell was I doing?
    Mastoni's was a nice restaurant. I'd been there once with my parents, or my mom and my fake father. Analise wanted to dress up so we did. I wore a simple dress while hers was blaring red. David wore a dress shirt and khakis. It'd been good enough for me, not for her. As I walked inside the cool interior, heard the fountain gurgling, and saw all the foliage around, I remembered the fight that had happened that night.
    It'd been my first two-hour run.
    This time I wore jeans and a black top, nothing special. This wasn't going to be special. When I spotted Adam at the bar, he waved, and I saw he must've felt the same. He had on khaki cargo shorts and a blue polo. He looked good, but not the dressy that my mom had wanted so long ago.
    I preferred this night already.
    He held out a drink for me as he drew near. "Hey, I got this for you."
    "You're twenty one?"
    Perfect white teeth flashed me. "The manager's a friend of the family, plus, I used to work here awhile ago."
    Oh. I took the drink from him. Great.
    "I already got a booth for us, it's kinda in the back if that's okay?"
    It was. Privacy was always good, but it wasn't long before a group of girls took the booth beside ours. When we waited for our food to come, they sent flirty looks and smiles Adam's way. I was sure they talked louder for his benefit too.
    When the food came, I heard one of the girls exclaim, "I didn't know Nate was in town."
    "Oh yeah!" Another shrieked in laughter. "You didn't know? He's been here for a week."
    "Whatever, Natalie."
    A third offered up, "I heard they're going down the beach to Roussou tonight."
    The girls grew quiet for a moment.
    "What are they going to do?"
    "What do you mean?"
    "They always do something. When Nate and Mason team up, they always do something. Last year they stole some police cars and then they went on a bender."
    "I heard that too. Mason's dad paid off the cops. They vandalized some of the bars. He must've paid the owners off too."
    Then the first girl spoke up with authority in her voice, "Well, they're doing something tonight. They disappeared from the beach an hour ago."
    "How do you know?"
    "Duh. Summer texted me.

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