Foul Play (Whithall University Book 1)

Foul Play (Whithall University Book 1) by Lisa Helen Gray

Book: Foul Play (Whithall University Book 1) by Lisa Helen Gray Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Helen Gray
himself in to his parents’ house using his own key. Their home is located in a quiet area in a cul-de-sac. The houses look freshly painted, all with perfect manicured lawns. Even the mini roundabout they have at the end of the cul-de-sac has rose bushes planted that I’d expect would look beautiful in the spring, adding to the streets natural look. The trees lining up the pavements give it another kind of feel. The air smells fresh despite the rain still lightly falling. It’s a place I’d love to bring my kids up one day. One day in the far, far, future.
    The door shuts behind CJ and the second it clicks a high pitched scream echoes down the hall from a room deep inside the house. It brings a wide smile to my face as I take in my surroundings. Pictures of Cole and a little girl, who I presume is Mia, frame the walls; along with an older couple who I’m sure are his parents. The little girl looks just like her mother with a little of her father’s looks, but trying to find the resemblance of Cole in his parents is tough.
    My eyes look back down the hall when light feet stomp their way down at an alarming speed. The first thing I notice is a head full of thick brown hair whipping around a little girls face as she charges towards Cole.
    “Liam,’’ she squeals, her voice full of excitement at seeing her big brother. Not the reaction I was expecting. He doesn’t seem the type to interact with kids, but then again, his earlier reaction when he mentioned her should have given me a clue. “I haven’t seen you in foreverrrrrr,’’ she whines drastically.
    “I saw you two days ago, snot-face,’’ he rumbles, a gorgeous smile lifting on his handsome face. My mouth gapes wide open and when CJ lifts my chin back up I slap his hand away. This can’t be real. I scrub my eyes and blink, but nope, he’s still smiling and fuck it’s a sight to see. I’m almost sad he’ll turn broody once again when he realises he has witnesses, but I can’t lie and say his normal attitude and mysterious personality isn’t sexy as all hell too because it is.
    “I don’t have snot on my face anymore, Liam. I’m alllll grown up,’’ she huffs, folding her arms across her chest with what I’m sure is supposed to be a mean look. She just looks more adorable if you ask me.
    Cole puts her down, scuffing her hair with his large hands.
    “No.... Stop. Liam, my hair,’’ she screams, then suddenly the tone changes to one I’ve not heard from her. It’s like wonder mixed with eagerness. “Oh my God,’’ I hear her breathe, before she’s screaming it. My eyes glance away from Cole’s handsome face long enough to see her eyeing me.
    “Hey, kid,’’ CJ grins, pushing me to the side like I’m in the way. A small amused smile reaches my lips as I watch the two bulky lads be so smitten with the tiny girl. It’s a sight to behold.
    “You brought a girl,’’ she squeals back at Cole, before turning back to me to make sure I’m real. From the corner of my eye I notice CJ looking at me with disbelief. “Do you want to see my room?’’ she squeaks out, looking up at me in awe before she starts clapping her hands with a joyful expression upon her face.
    My face lights up. “I’d love to but,’’ I stop midsentence when a beautiful woman walks out from another doorway, in the middle of a call. She has raven black hair, big, hazel eyes, just like Mia and one of the kindest faces I’ve ever seen. You can tell immediately she has a heart of gold and would give the shirt off her back to another. I like her already.
    It’s not until I see her wearing scrubs, a coat hanging off her arm that I remember Cole mentioning she’s a nurse. I can’t exactly remember where he said she worked, but wherever it is must be short staffed because she seems to be in a rush.
    “I’m so sorry Liam. Maggie hasn’t answered her phone and I’m running late. I’ve fired her now. We’re okay for a while so you won’t need to come in,’’ she

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