Nothing to Do With Pride
Chapter One
    KC Fields watched Sheriff Lou Arktos leave the office and let out the sigh that had been building in his chest since the sheriff had walked in earlier. Pining didn’t suit him, but he still wondered what would’ve happened if he’d made his move before James came to town. The troubled man had hobbled down Main Street with his cane and his tortured soul and snatched the sheriff’s heart as easily as if it were a low-hanging apple on a tree.
    It would be easy to hate the other man, but with as much pain as James had gone through before learning he was a lion shifter, KC didn’t have it in him to feel any resentment.
    Hell, KC couldn’t even find it in him to hate his abusive asshole of a father. Okay…maybe he did harbour a little anger.
    Still, if the big bear shifter had ever shown a smidgen of interest in him, KC would’ve laid himself out on the desk and offered his ass to the sexy man. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe he was too easy.
    Shaking his head at his foolish thoughts, KC returned his attention to his computer screen. He’d promised the sheriff he’d finish processing all the paperwork and concentrate on finding the missing coyote. From what Lou said, KC suspected the woman had gone feral and couldn’t be saved. However, he hadn’t shared his suspicions with the sheriff. He hated to give anyone bad news. Not to mention the missing coyote’s brother was smoking hot and KC wouldn’t mind knowing the man better. Whenever he saw Dennis, the poor coyote shifter had a beaten-down look—shoulders rounded, head down, and if a black cloud could actually follow someone, KC suspected it would be shooting lightning bolts at the coyote as he walked down the street. Between betraying his friend, losing his sister, and being the natural enemy of Adrian, the lion pride’s alpha mate, the sad shifter couldn’t catch a break.
    On the plus side, Lou had asked KC to use his investigative skills to find Dennis’ sister.
    If he did a good job, maybe the sheriff would give KC more responsibility. Although he didn’t mind doing office work, he knew he could offer a lot more. KC loved to help and he especially loved assisting the sheriff.

Louis Arktos had rescued him as a young, homeless, battered shifter and had given him a job and a sense of self-esteem. There wasn’t anything KC wouldn’t do for the sheriff, and if he couldn’t help the big guy personally, at least his computer and organisational skills were useful.
    The outside door swung quietly inwards. KC looked up from his work to find his gaze trapped in a sea of blue.
    “Are you KC?” Dennis stood at the other side of the counter surrounding KC’s desk.
    KC nodded. He’d only seen the coyote a few times in the distance. Up close, the man’s eyes were bluer than he remembered and Dennis’ black hair had random streaks of gold.
    KC’s libido revved up like a Formula One race car.
    “I’m Dennis. The sheriff told me you might be able to help me find my sister.”
    KC shrugged. “I’m certainly going to try.”
    Dennis walked around the reception counter and held out his hand. “Nice to meet you.
    I really appreciate you helping out.”
    KC shook the offered hand and bit back a moan. The coyote shifter pushed all of his hot buttons. The slide of palm against palm gave him all kinds of ideas about other things he’d like to feel sliding together.
    Mentally giving himself a shake, he released Dennis’ hand and settled back down in his chair. The man had come to have KC help him find his missing sister—not to be jumped by a horny fox shifter.
    “Have a seat.” He indicated the visitor’s chair tucked away next to the wall.
    Dennis grabbed the chair and sat beside him.
    Looking at the earnest man next to him, KC shared his suspicions. “My biggest concern is she might have gone feral.”
    Hell, KC was almost positive the woman had gone feral. From what he’d learnt, she’d been captured, tortured and who knew what else. It would

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