Spiritwalker by Siobhan Corcoran

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Authors: Siobhan Corcoran
two steaming china mugs and handed one to her guest.  After taking a cautious sip of the steaming beverage, Anna commented on the pleasant rich flavour and aroma.
    “It’s about the only thing I can make without burning it.”  Molly smiled at her as she sat down on the rather uncomfortable stripped sofa beside Anna.
    “Well I imagine your aunt has explained why I'm here?”  Anna said looking Molly directly in the eye.  They seemed to be the only feature that she had in common with her mother's side of the family.  They were a vivid blue like her aunt's.
    Yes of course, Aunt Eva said she had hired a private detective to look for Mum.  I must admit I thought you would be more like those middle-aged fat men on telly. 
    “I hope I haven't disappointed?” Anna said smiling at the image that came into her mind.
    “Not at all.  If Aunt Eva thinks you're good enough, then I'm sure you are.  She's not usually wrong about people.”
    “Firstly, I have to ask.  Have you heard from you mother?” Anna asked getting straight down to business.
    “No, I haven't heard from her for a while.”
    “Are you not worried about her?”  Anna asked wondering at the unconcerned tone.
    “Well I was at first, but she sent us an email a couple of days after she left, saying that she was going to be away for a few weeks and that she wouldn't be able to ring, that there was no mobile signal where she was staying.  She said she was going up to a friend in Scotland and not to worry, she just needed some space.  You know, after Dad...”
    “Your aunt didn't say anything about an email”
    “Oh Aunt Eva's convinced someone else sent it and has kidnapped Mum or something...  She really had us worried for a while.  She even called the police.  I was worried then and I rang Dad and he said that she had gone away before without telling anyone.  The police have said not to worry, that people go away all the time.” Aunt Eva can be over-protective sometimes.  I'm sure Mum just needed space.”
    “Do you know which friend she went to visit?”
    “She just said Mary.”
    “Do you know her, or her last name?”
    “No, sorry.  Mum has lots of friends, there's always someone calling, she's involved in lots of charities, maybe it’s someone from one of them.  Mum's very smart, but she can be a bit scatty at times.  When my sister and I were growing up, she would forget to take us to piano lessons or basketball or wherever.  We always had to remind her in advance of things like that.  I'm sure she's fine, Aunt Eva worries too much”
    “Look Molly, I don't want to worry you unnecessarily but some things have happened since I arrived that make me believe that your aunt might be right.”
    “Like what?”  Molly said beginning to look alarmed.
    “Before I go into that, can you think of anything unusual that happened before she went to stay with Eva?  Did she meet anyone new? Maybe a new boyfriend?
    “God no.  Mum would never cheat on Dad...you know what I mean.” She said blushing slightly as she remembered that they were separated.  “She loved Dad, she would never have gone off with someone else.    You think she went away with a man....You do don't you.  No, no way, not Mum.  She always said she would never trust another man again.  She's gone off with Mary.”  Molly was obstinate in her conviction of her mother's whereabouts.
    Anna wondered how she should tell Molly about Sassy and the events of the previous night without alarming her too much. 
    “We had an incident involving Sassy last night.  There's no easy way to put this.”  She hesitated.  “Someone tried to abduct her.  Don't worry she's fine, we found her in time.”  Anna said quickly, looking at Molly's horrified expression.
    “Someone tried to abduct Sassy?” She asked, hardly believing what Anna was telling her.
    “Yes, but she's fine, she spent the night in the hospital.  You see that's why I'm worried about your mum.  We think the

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