Strength of the Pack

    Noah moaned, and Lucas saw gooseflesh rise on his skin.

    Slowly, sluggishly, Noah shifted until Lucas could tell he had his dick in his hand and was stroking it. Lucas breathed over Noah’s ear and earned another shudder. He ran his cheek over the short bristles of Noah’s shorn hair.
    The bed vibrated with the motion of Noah’s hand. Lucas heard the rough sound of skin on skin. Noah moaned, his open mouth pressed to the side of Lucas’ neck. He panted heavily, and his breath was moist and hot on Lucas’ skin. He’d noticed that Noah’s body seemed to run unusually hot, but now he felt scalding. Lucas’ chest and belly burned where Noah’s arm pressed against him.

    “Fuck, Lucas, your scent makes my cock ache,” Noah murmured against Lucas’ cheek.
    Lucas understood that feeling. He’d never been particularly aware of, let alone aroused by, a lover’s scent. Since meeting Noah, just the memory of what Noah smelled like could give Lucas an erection. He wondered if that wasn’t part of Noah’s uncanny ability to gain almost anyone’s cooperation.

    Something angry and possessive rose up inside of Lucas. His already heated blood felt like it was boiling. His chest tightened painfully at the thought of someone else enjoying the scent of Noah’s body. Lucas lifted one hand to Noah’s cheek. The other he fisted in the back of Noah’s blouse. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the rich, spicy musk of Noah’s scent, just before he bared his teeth.
    Lucas bit down on the tendon at the back of Noah’s neck. He ran his tongue along the hot skin and tasted sweat and the summer sun.

    Noah’s free hand came down on Lucas’ thigh, squeezing hard enough that Lucas knew there would be bruises.
    “Yesyesyesyesyes,” Noah hissed. His body was rigid, pressing heavily against Lucas.

    Lucas released Noah’s neck and ran his tongue soothingly over the indentations he’d left. A deep satisfaction settled in his belly.

    “Don’t stop!” Noah gasped, pleading desperately. “Please, Lucas, don’t stop. Mark me again. Please mark me again.”

    Lucas’ heart slammed in his chest. Noah was fully aware that he belonged to Lucas now, and his submission was like a flavor on Lucas’ tongue. Of course Lucas would mark him. He wanted everyone to know that Noah belonged to him and to him only.
    Once again, Lucas sank his teeth into the thick cord at the back of Noah’s neck. He bit hard, not trying to break the skin but leaving deep and obvious marks.

    “Fuck, yes,” Noah moaned decadently. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he whispered hoarsely. “I’m gonna come.”

    Lucas released his grip on Noah’s blouse. He placed his palm flat against Noah and rubbed soothing circles into his back. Through touch, he told Noah to go ahead, go ahead and make himself come.

    Noah panted hotly against Lucas’ cheek as he came. His body shook hard, his hand on Lucas’ thigh tightened painfully. He grunted a few times, low in his throat, but was otherwise silent. Lucas was disappointed, but he knew that someday he would hear Noah shout his name when he came.
    Noah collapsed limply against Lucas, chest heaving. Lucas slowly released his grip on Noah’s neck, pressing a kiss to the reddened marks left by his own teeth. He kissed his way along Noah’s jaw until he found his mouth. Lucas kissed him, plunging his tongue deep and teasing Noah’s tongue with his own. Noah seemed surprised and hesitant, at first. But then he returned Lucas’ kiss with enthusiasm.

    Their lips parted with a moist sound. Carefully, Lucas released Noah, making sure he could keep himself upright. Standing slowly, Lucas glanced around the room. His eyes landed on a large tub of baby wipes. He retrieved it quickly and came to kneel between Noah’s legs.
    “I’m going to clean you up and help you get into your rack so you can sleep,” Lucas said. He deliberately made it an order.

    Noah was docile

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