The Cowboy and the Cougar

The Cowboy and the Cougar by Helen Hardt

Book: The Cowboy and the Cougar by Helen Hardt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Helen Hardt
overwhelmed all rational thought.
    Jack, inside me. I need Jack inside me.
    Her lips still glued to his, her tongue deep inside his mouth, she took charge and ripped open the snaps of his sage green western shirt, the pop of each snap resonating in her ears and bringing her closer to her goal.
    Jack, naked. Her lips around his cock. His fingers embedded in her. Their bodies joined in ecstasy .
    She pushed the soft fabric from his shoulders. How glorious his golden muscles felt under her fingertips. When the shirt had pooled in a heap on the carpet, she went to work on his pants. Still their lips remained joined.
    He kissed her with a fervor, a frenzy, a mind-numbing surety, and she returned it with equal zeal.
    When his jeans were open, she pushed them and his boxers to the floor and urged him toward the couch. She ripped her mouth from his, whimpering at the loss, and pushed him down on the leather sofa. Still clothed, though her breasts hung free, she lowered herself to her knees and took that beautiful cock between her lips.
    She wrapped her mouth around him tight and sucked.
    "Ah, God," he groaned.
    She let him go and teased him with little flicks of her tongue around the swollen head. His strong hands grabbed her head and tried to force her back onto him. She resisted at first, but then couldn’t help herself. She took him deep, deep into her throat. She loved this cock. She loved sucking it. Loved the salty male flavor of him.
    Most of all, she loved the man attached to it.
    She pulled back and licked the underside and nuzzled his balls. She inhaled his musky rawness.   She could never get enough of his scent, his touch, his kisses.
    His groans fueled her passion. She took him deep into her throat again and he pulsed against the roof of her mouth.
    He pushed her head off him. "Not yet," he said. "God, you drive me crazy, but I don’t want to come yet."
    "Please, Jack," she said, wanting this more than she thought possible. "Please. I want you to come in my mouth."
    "Please. I want it so bad I can taste it already."
    "Damn." He fisted his big hands in her hair and guided her back down on his cock. The tiny spasms began in the back of her throat and spread along his whole length. She sucked in time with him, milking him, and letting his cum trickle over her tongue. It tasted salty, bitter, but she didn’t care. To her, it was sweeter than fresh cream.
    When his shaft relaxed, she released him and smiled. His eyes were closed and a sheen of sweat coated his handsome face. A drop meandered through his night beard, and she caught it with the tip of her finger. He opened his eyes and smiled at her.
    "Yeah, wow. Why didn’t you want me to do that?"
    "I wanted to come inside you."
    "I hope you weren’t disappointed."
    "Are you kiddin’? It was amazing. I just didn’t want to leave you hangin’."
    "Who says I’ll be left hanging? I happen to know you’ve got more to give, Cowboy."
    "Well, yeah, ma’am." He tweaked a nipple. "I’m pretty sure I can pony up to the challenge."
    "I thought you might be able to." She slid down his body and removed his boots, his socks, and his jeans which were still around his ankles.
    "We’ve got one problem here, though," he said.
    "What’s that?"
    "You’re wearing too many clothes."
    "Hmm." She grasped his hands and pulled him into a stand, then sat down on the couch. His cock, at perfect mouth range, was already growing again. She grabbed the cheeks of his taut ass and kneaded them. He was so damn gorgeous. She cleared her throat. "I don’t really see the problem, Jack."
    He leaned down and gave her another soul-searing kiss. She sighed into his mouth as he slid her blouse and bra over her shoulders.
    He stopped the kiss, nibbled on her lower lip, and trailed little pecks to her ear. "The problem, sugar, is that I want you naked. Naked, under me, wailing my name as I pound my hard cock into you." He cupped her mound through her jeans. "Does that work for

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