The Cupcake Coven
recommend you pick a specific discipline and stick with that.” She smiled slyly. “By the way, how are you and Rebecca getting along?”
    He couldn’t help smiling. “Like a house on fire.”
    Myranda laughed. “I thought you might.”
    “Was the attraction that obvious?”
    She grinned. “Not to everyone, but Yvonne and I saw it, and I think Ethan did.”
    He snapped his fingers. “Hey, maybe you can explain what Ethan said to me. When I said I wasn’t in the circle, he said, ‘Oh, yes you were.’”
    Myranda grinned. “Hanna cast a wide circle. I’m sure you were in it. And even though you didn’t say anything, you kept staring at Rebecca.”
    Yvonne added, “Specifically, at her hot buns.” Both women cackled loudly.
    “Aw, shoot. You saw that?”
    “We sure did,” Myranda said.
    “Does that mean the Goddess saw it too?”
    The witches smirked and Yvonne shrugged. “Is there a specific reason you wanted to learn Wicca in the first place?”
    “Yeah. My sister’s into it. She was doin’ our family tree and discovered a witch in the family brew, so to speak. So she took her spring break from college in Austin and came to Salem, Mass to research our roots. She hasn’t been heard from since.”
    The two women stared at him in stunned silence. He could almost guess what they were thinking and decided not to wait for their questions. “I got a couple leads down there that made me think she might be up this way. Oh! And I have a picture of her.”
    He fished his wallet out of his back pocket and showed them the smiling, blonde, cowgirl he remembered. “Her name is Shasta. I don’t know if she has a witch name. Have either of you seen or heard anything about her?”
    “I’m sorry. No,” Myranda said. “Why didn’t you ask at the ritual?”
    “I didn’t know y’all yet. Some people in Austin were more harm than help. One of them was convinced she was taken by aliens. Others seemed to follow his lead.”
    Yvonne seemed to be studying the picture a little longer. “Could she have dyed her hair?”
    “Possibly. Some homeless guy thought he may have seen her, but he said her hair was black.”
    “Yeah. I think I might have seen her too.”
    He was almost afraid to get his hopes up. “Has she ever come in here?”
    “Not that I remember. I’m not even sure it’s the same girl. I’ve just seen someone around Market Square with those blue eyes, and they really stood out against the dark hair.”
    “That’s fantastic. I mean, I hope that’s her. I’m fixin’ to walk around town with samples from the bakery to drum up business each day, and I’m hoping to see her in my travels. Maybe kill two birds with one stone.”
    “Smart. But it seems pretty random as plans go. Have you tried the police?”
    “Yup. First thing I did in Salem and then here. I’m always a little relieved and disappointed at the same time when they don’t recognize her.”
    “Do you think something might have happened to her?” Yvonne asked.
    “I sure hope not, ma’am. I sure hope not.”
    Yvonne and Myranda gave each other one of those curious looks, as if they were thinking the same thing at the same time. They must have been. They spoke in unison and said one thing.

    The next morning, Rebecca was relieved to see Dru coming through the door. So far, the full-time help wanted sign in the window hadn’t generated any interest. And they say there’s a recession going on.
    She greeted the handsome cowboy with a smile. “I’m glad to see you came back for more abuse.”
    “Abuse?” He strode in. “Naw. Lookin’ at your purty face offsets anythin’ you might throw at me.”
    “I wasn’t planning to throw anything at you. Although, the day is young.”
    He chuckled. “Yeah, you might get mad when you hear what I have to say.”
    Oh, goddess. Please don’t tell me he’s leaving already.”
    She took a deep breath. “Okay. What is it?”
    “I spoke to Myranda and Yvonne after work

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