Time's Enemy: A Romantic Time Travel Adventure (Saturn Society Book 1)

Time's Enemy: A Romantic Time Travel Adventure (Saturn Society Book 1) by Jennette Marie Powell

Book: Time's Enemy: A Romantic Time Travel Adventure (Saturn Society Book 1) by Jennette Marie Powell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennette Marie Powell
volunteered to remain in Mexico when the others returned home. They had been married for sixteen years after all, she’d said.
    The dog lady made a chirping sound at the shepherd, and slowed by the pet shop, still several stores down from Tony. Something about her reminded him of someone he knew, but he couldn’t pinpoint who. Then he remembered the collar, from the little Yorkie that had jumped out of her handbag. “Hey!”
    She lifted her hand in acknowledgment, then walked into the store.
    He ran down the sidewalk, almost barreling into a guy coming out of the laundromat.
    In the pet store, he checked the aisles for dog beds, toys, and food. All were deserted. He raced down the next aisle, even though it was all fish stuff, then scanned the rest of the store. The only other shopper was an elderly lady buying birdseed.
    He hurried to the checkout. “I’m looking for a woman who just came in—tall, with short, blond hair, walking a German shepherd...”
    The girl at the register shook her head, brows pressed down, and pointed to the birdseed woman, who was pushing her cart out the door. “She’s the only person who’s come in since my shift started an hour ago.”
    Tony rushed out the door. Had he been mistaken? Maybe the dog lady had walked around the building. He ran to the corner of the strip mall, then around back, but no one was there.
    Defeated, he trekked through the woods toward home.
    What was the deal with the dog lady? Who was she, and how did she just... disappear? And who did she remind him—
    He stopped in the middle of the trail. Her hair, that was it. It was the same shade of blond, the same cut Bethany had worn when—
    Bethany. A chill raced down his body. He’d gone back two years and changed the past. Why not try for three?

    When Tony arrived at the house near the Ghetto, a strange sense of déjà vu settled over him.
    He’d been there before. A vague memory filtered into his mind of stopping there, not last spring, but the year before. He hadn’t known why he came, and hadn’t gone inside.
    This time he knew why he’d come to the Saturn Society house. To learn about time travel. To learn how to go back three years and save his daughter.
    After leaving Mulroney’s, he’d sat in his apartment for over an hour, trying to jump back three years. But nothing happened.
    As if the one time had been a fluke.
    Everly hadn’t answered his phone, so Tony had decided to take him up on his “stop by anytime” offer.
    Time travel. He snorted. Part of him still didn’t want to believe it, yet the recent events were making it harder and harder not to. He stopped on the sidewalk in front of the house.
    Oh, for crying out loud. Supposedly it was a research organization, nothing more.
    The place looked deserted. According to the web site, the organization was huge, with offices—or houses, rather—all over the world. If Everly was gone, maybe Tony would try the Columbus location.
    He forced himself to climb the three steps to the porch and strode to the front door. He paused as he reached for the doorknob and read the brass plaque beside it.
    E ST. 1914
    He peered at the door’s frosted glass top panel. A light he hadn’t seen from the street glowed inside. He gripped the doorknob and turned it with more force than necessary.
    The door opened without a sound. Tony’s shoes tapped on the marble tile. A banker’s lamp atop an antique mahogany desk in the foyer was the source of the light. The computer monitor beside it looked out of place.
    A young woman with Ben Franklin glasses and stubby, black ponytails yanked her granny-boot-clad feet off the desk as she lowered the paperback novel she’d been reading. “Can I help you?” She spoke loudly, as if he stood across a large room instead of right in front of her. A brass placard beside the computer identified her as Taylor Gressman.
    “I’m here to see Chad Everly.” Tony gazed around. The place reeked of

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