Wolf Tales VI

Wolf Tales VI by Kate Douglas

Book: Wolf Tales VI by Kate Douglas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Douglas
    Oliver pulled back and drew in a couple of huge breaths. “Take off your blouse,” he said. Mei didn’t hesitate. She slipped the buttons free and pulled it over her head. He gazed at her breasts as if he wanted to devour them. Then he took a slow, deep breath and knelt between her legs. He reached for the elastic band on her skirt. When he pulled it down, her panties slipped off her legs as well. Even without a single touch, her muscles had taken up a rhythmic clench and release and she moaned softly. “Oliver?” Her voice sounded soft and raspy, totally unfamiliar.
    She raised her head and realized Oliver’s mouth was barely an inch from her swollen sex. Her first thought was how glad she was that she’d shaved herself bare this morning, but all conscious thought fled when he leaned forward and licked her. A single long, slow glide of his tongue from her perineum to her clit. He merely teased that tiny bundle of nerves before repeating the same, slow sweep of his tongue. This time he paused between her folds and sucked first one of her lips, then the other into his mouth. She felt him nibble lightly and cried out when his fingers slipped inside her wet heat. She cried again when he pulled them free. He sucked her clit next and she felt his thumb enter her pussy.
    She tightened her muscles around his thumb and clutched the bedspread to keep from grabbing Oliver’s short-cropped hair. His tongue circled her clit, his thumb pumped slowly in and out of her pussy, and his fingers trailed down the damp crease of her ass and pressed against her anus.
    One finger circled the tight ring of muscle and her body seemed to leap into another level of arousal. Her breath came in short, sharp huffs as she fought to hold her climax at bay. This felt too good, too intense to go over the top right now. She wanted it to last, wanted the sensations to grow and develop even more.
    Her mind whirled with a kaleidoscope of sensation. Oliver’s warm, wet mouth suckling her clit. His thumb buried deep inside her sex. His middle finger pressing steadily against her sphincter.
    Suddenly he was through, slipping into her body, stimulating an entirely new set of nerves. She jerked against the pressure, the amazing sense of so many nerves firing at once. Her mind seemed to blank, to overload on sensation and suddenly he was there, his thoughts so clear and bright he might have spoken aloud. She felt the pressure of her sphincter holding tightly against his finger, but it was her finger she squeezed. It was her own thumb sliding in and out of the slick, hot surface, rubbing against her inner walls, thumb and finger connecting through the thin membrane, reaching deeper on each slow thrust. Most amazing was the taste, her own taste, ripe upon her tongue, rich and salty and, in Oliver’s eyes, totally addictive.
    She might have come. Should have, but the images were so intense, the sensation of sharing her own body through another’s eyes so fascinating that she held her orgasm in check, sliding easily into Oliver’s experience in order to control her own.
    He could do this for hours. She realized he’d never grow tired of touching and tasting and learning her body, but she wanted more. She craved the fullness of a thick cock stretching her folds, wanted the hard thrust of hips against hers, the scrape of his pubic hair against her freshly shorn mound.
    She told him this, speaking from her heart, silently in Oliver’s mind. He raised his head in surprise. His lips and chin glistened with her fluids and he swept his tongue across the dampness.
    “You are amazing,” he said. “Do you know that? Absolutely amazing.”
    He withdrew his fingers from her body and slipped his shirt over his head. He tossed it on a nearby chair. He pulled a condom out of his pocket, then unsnapped his pants and dropped them to the floor. His underwear followed and he kicked them aside, along with his sandals. Mei stared, wide-eyed at the absolute

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