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Authors: Kate Douglas
perfection of his body.
    His chest was smooth and glistened with sweat and his abs rippled with each breath he took. He had a perfectly shaped ass, so round and yet well-muscled that Mei wanted to bury her face in the sleek globes. His legs had the kind of long, lean muscles that swimmers and runners develop and he was perfectly sleek and smooth, with very little body hair.
    But it wasn’t his abs or his legs or even his perfect chest that caught her gaze and held it. No, she wouldn’t even try and deny the fascination she suddenly developed for his amazing cock.
    Oliver might be slight of build compared to the other men she’d dated, but he more than made up for it with the amazing package between his legs. His cock was huge. Thick and long with veins running down the dark length, it jutted out of a silky nest of black curls at his groin, aiming directly at her crotch. He was uncut and his foreskin had rolled back behind the bulbous head, leaving him wet and glistening with a pearly drop of white on the very tip.
    She knew he must be highly aroused, not only because he was obviously hard as a post, but she saw that his testicles were drawn up tight between his legs, barely visible beneath the thick girth of his penis. Without even considering the act, Mei leaned forward and kissed the very tip, licking the single drop of cream from the end.
    Blinking, Mei raised up and stared at Oliver. His head was tilted back, his eyes were closed and his lips moved in a silent litany. The condom was clutched in his right hand and his struggle for control couldn’t be plainer. Smiling broadly, she pried his fingers loose, took the condom and ripped the packet open. Oliver never moved, though he groaned when she cradled his cock in her palm and stroked slowly back and forth a couple of times.
    He was too large for her fingers to wrap all the way around, and she wondered if he’d be able to get all of that big thing inside her. He seemed to grow even larger as she stroked him. She slipped the condom over his glans and slowly rolled it down his shaft. Then she leaned back on the bed and guided Oliver toward her sex. He was shivering when his cock finally touched her, but he didn’t press forward.
    He must be right on the edge. Mei was close as well, but she didn’t want him to lose it before she climaxed. It happened so often with men, but she hoped Oliver was different. She grabbed his cock at the base, squeezing tightly as she swept it along her slit. She used him to drag her fluids from her clit to her ass. The slick head of his cock left a trail of heat as she used him to gently masturbate herself. It took all her strength not to aim him inside, but she wanted to tease him, not take him over the edge. In a matter of seconds, though, Mei was the one ready to climax.
    She didn’t want to go alone. She glanced up and caught Oliver watching her. His eyes glittered. His jaw was set, his mouth a firm, tight line. Mei nodded and spread her legs farther apart. Oliver tilted his hips just enough. She pressed his latex covered glans against her wet and ready center. Oliver pressed forward slowly. Her nether lips parted and the head of his cock disappeared inside. He stopped, just barely inside her, and her muscles clamped down and held his cock in place. Mei wriggled her hips a bit to help him fit. He was huge inside her, stretching her vaginal walls with each small forward motion.
    Her body adjusted, slowly drawing him in. She bent her knees and grasped her ankles, opening herself completely. Oliver leaned over her with his hands on either side of her body, his feet still planted firmly on the floor. He withdrew just a fraction, thrust a bit harder, then pulled almost all the way out. A thick, wet, sucking sound followed him when he retreated. Mei’s moan drowned out everything else when he thrust back inside.
    He was so large she felt stretched to the point of pain, but he moved slowly and carefully. The

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