Wolf Tales VI

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Authors: Kate Douglas
burning stopped as her body adjusted to fit his. Oliver picked up his pace. He was smiling now, obviously more in control and his actions were smooth and self-assured. He reached for her breasts and pinched her nipples. She felt the jolt all the way to her clit.
    He did something with his hips, a little twist that put the base of his cock right against her clit on every downward stroke. Then he slipped his hand between their bodies and rubbed the slick little nub, barely touching it enough to register contact. His thrusting took on a rhythm, a perfect counterpoint to the beat of her heart, the rush of blood in her veins.
    Mei felt herself spinning higher, faster, out of control. Their bodies had melded perfectly, so completely in sync that she knew he breathed for her, his heart beat for her.
    Oliver covered her now, his slick body tense, his muscles shimmering with sweat, his balls slapping against her on every downward stroke. He held her hands over her head, rubbed his chest across hers, kissed her openmouthed. His tongue fucked her mouth as his cock filled her sex.
    Consumed by him, overwhelmed by sensations, by the mental barrage of passion and lust, by the pure physical power of his body filling hers, Mei finally turned herself free. She felt it spiral up out of her gut, a shock of power unlike anything she’d known before. Heat and light and emotion—so much emotion she knew she would cry from the pure beauty of passion.
    This morning with Eve had been merely a hint of the orgasm Oliver was wringing from her body. She felt him tense, knew his climax was coming, felt her own sweeping through her body with the power of a nuclear explosion. Her hips arched up to meet him, her mouth opened in a silent rictus, a scream that would have torn from her throat if Oliver hadn’t pressed his mouth to hers, hadn’t melded with her and sucked the sound into his own body.
    Crying now, tears cascading down her cheeks, her body shivering and shaking in the aftermath of the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced, Mei slowly brought her arms up and wrapped them around Oliver’s neck, held him close against her body and wept even harder.
    There were no words. No way to explain what had happened here. She felt him deep in her soul, in her heart, a wild, feral creature such as herself. Wild but not the same. No matter. She would not let him go. Her way had always been alone, but for the first time, she’d found a man who could please her. One who took her beyond her miserable life and showed her the purity of love.

    Oliver knew he should hold his weight off Mei, but he was absolutely boneless, his muscles refusing to respond, his mind unwilling to work. His heart pounded so that he heard the blood rushing in his veins and he still felt the slow, steady pulse of his cock. The condom must be filled to bursting by now. Thank goodness he’d worn one.
    Only a Chanku female could prevent conception. Mei might be able to link with his mind, but he couldn’t say for sure that she was Chanku. There was something totally different about her. Something every bit as wild as the other shapeshifters, but as alien as Eve was familiar.
    He lay atop her chest, listening to her heart pound every bit as fast as his own. Her blood raced as well, her lungs straining against his weight as much as against the need for more air than they were designed to deliver. Oliver lifted himself away from Mei to give her more breathing room.
    She latched her hands around the small of his back and held him close. “No. Don’t pull out. You feel so good inside me.”
    He had to agree. Her pussy clenched and rippled over his cock, dragging every last drop out of him. He was still erect, though he’d come harder than he ever had in his life. Of course, this was a first. Mei was a first. The very first time he’d made love to one woman, all by himself.
    It felt wonderful. Life affirming.
    Life changing. He rested his forehead against hers. “Mei, that was

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